Rules for traveling between the Czech Republic and Britain change in January

Visas will be required for stays longer that six months, travel insurance will be required and phone roaming rates will apply


Written by ČTK Published on 31.12.2020 08:00:00 (updated on 31.12.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Conditions on traveling between the Czech Republic and Britain will change as of January, the Czech Foreign Ministry announced in a press release.

Visas will not be required for up to six-month tourist trips to Britain, but they will be mandatory for business trips and study stays longer than six months. Even though ID cards will be sufficient for Czechs to enter the country and passports will be required as of the end of September, the Czech Foreign Ministry recommends traveling with passport already since January.

As the European health insurance card will not be accepted in Britain as of January, commercial travel insurance will be needed even for short-term stays.

Roaming tariff rates for countries outside the EU will apply to mobile phones.

Britain left the EU in late January. Until Thursday midnight when the transition period expires, the country must follow the EU rules. On Dec. 24, London and Brussels reached the agreement concerning their future relations after Jan. 1.

The document of more than 1,200 pages secures trouble-free trading across the English Channel without any duty burden. Moreover, the deal regulates bilateral relations in fishery, energy industry and transport, as well as police and judicial cooperation.

The agreement was signed by representatives of the European Commission and the European Council. The European Parliament has not approved the deal yet, it will vote it next year. Consequently, the agreement approved today by British MPs, too, remains only provisional.

Short-term stays, such as family visits, business trips and attendance at conferences and cultural events will not require visas.

They will not be mandatory for study stays of up to six months fully covered by the students either. However, longer stays will be conditioned by at least 70-point score in the British immigration system based on financial background of the applicants, their level of English and education, the ministry noted.

“It is possible to apply for a visa online half a year before departure, the fee is GBP 348 (roughly CZK 10,000),” it added.

As of January, British citizens in the Czech Republic will be considered as citizens of third countries. The same status will apply to the EU citizens in Britain who will be subjected to the immigration system evaluating their wealth, education and language proficiency.

Czechs permanently living in Britain will enjoy the current rules if they are granted settled status for which they can apply until June.

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