Register to ride? Czech politician Uber-confused at Prague airport

The former finance minister was bewildered that he needed to download a mobile app or give his details at an airport kiosk. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 07.11.2023 10:06:00 (updated on 07.11.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Former Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the taxi services at Prague's Václav Havel Airport. In a social media post, Kalousek criticized the need for passengers to either register or install an application to order a taxi.

'I felt ashamed,' says ex-MP

"I had an unbelievable experience at the airport that I cannot reconcile with," Kalousek stated. He explained that he wanted to take a taxi and noticed several attractive cars from the Uber company.

"But I found out that I had to order it through an application or register at a terminal in the airport hall," he said, expressing his confusion with the process involved hiring an airport Uber.

The former politician asserted that he did not want to register anywhere. "I want a taxi that I can pay for either by card or in cash and get a receipt," he declared, adding that even shocked foreigners did not understand the same issue.

"So not only did I not get a ride, but I also felt ashamed of the conditions in my own country," he wrote. Kalousek called on the airport's shareholders and Prague's representatives to rectify the situation.

"This is a terrible disgrace. The airport is the gateway to the country, which should be friendly. If someone flies here for the first time in their life and this is their first experience, they might wish it to be their last. I have been through various airports in many countries around the world, but I have never experienced this anywhere," he added.

Uber, Prague Airport: Registration is not necessary

After being contacted by Czech news site iDnes, Uber responded to the ex-finance minister's complaints, reminding him that one need not download the app or give personal details to order a taxi from the ride-hailing firm. It also emphasized the possibility of paying in cash.


  • Via the Uber app (through which you can also pay in cash)
  • At self-service kiosks (these only take card, and you'll need to enter your email)
  • At airport counters, where clerks are available 24/7 to order you an Uber. No personal details are needed. You can pay with cash or card

In a response on social media site X, Prague Airport told Kalousek: "If you are not interested in Uber's services and thus a guaranteed final price, just walk a few steps to the express parking lot, where you can order any taxi without a guaranteed final price. We don't stop anyone from doing that."

Prague Airport also added that "the overwhelming majority of passengers demand a fixed price" and that Uber is keeping up with "global trends in service delivery." The airport noted that Uber is carrying out more rides than the previous taxi firm with which it had a contract.

Earlier this year, the company won a concession process guaranteeing a fixed price for the ride in advance and ensuring transport service availability 24 hours a day.

Uber has been Prague Airport's official ride-hailing partner since September this year.

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