Rain and storms ahead for Prague and the Czech Republic this week

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) forecast a wet week for the Czech lands.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 10.04.2023 11:39:00 (updated on 10.04.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has released its weekly weather forecast for Prague. The week will see rainfall in some areas, with possible snow in the mountains. However, the lowest temperatures at night are expected to remain above freezing, while daytime temperatures will typically reach over ten degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists anticipate a drop in temperature on Thursday and Friday, with the daily maximum temperature averaging ten degrees Celsius.

For Monday, meteorologists predict partly clear skies with temporary cloud cover, and occasional rainfall or showers in some places. Snow may occur at altitudes above 900 meters. The highest daily temperatures will range from nine to 13 degrees Celsius.

On Tuesday, it will be cloudy or overcast, with some clear skies in the east, where occasional fog may occur. Showers will come from the west, and there is a possibility of thunderstorms. Precipitation will be mixed or snow above 1,000 meters.

The lowest night temperatures will range from six to two degrees Celsius, with a chance of reaching freezing point during prolonged clear skies. During the day, the highest temperatures will range from ten to 14 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday will see similar weather, with a slight drop in temperature. A cold front is expected to move slowly across Central Europe from the west, according to meteorologists.

On Thursday, most areas will experience occasional rainfall, with snow expected in the mountains above 1000 meters.

The lowest night temperatures will range from eight to four degrees Celsius, and the highest daytime temperatures will range from seven to 11 degrees Celsius, with occasional peaks up to 13 degrees in the east.

Showers are also expected on Friday, with a slight drop in temperature, followed by a warm-up over the weekend.

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