Prague’s Křižík pavilions and Spiral Theater to finally be renovated

More sections of Prague’s Výstaviště in Holešovice will be brought back to life after years of neglect

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 06.08.2020 11:32:38 (updated on 06.08.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

The long-delayed renovation of the Křižík pavilions and the Spiral Theater in Výstaviště Praha Holešovice is going ahead. The Prague City Council has approved the renovation of three pavilions and the theater. Work on both projects will begin by the end of this year.

The value of the renovation of Křižík pavilions B, C and E will be 245 million CZK, and Divadlo Spirála (Spiral Theater) will be 217 million CZK.

“I am very happy that we managed to push through the much-needed renovation for the other three parts of the Křižík pavilions and Divadlo Spirála which we have long been striving for. The dilapidated buildings will finally become representative spaces usable for various types of events, from cultural to educational to commercial,” Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Praha Sobě), responsible for budget and finance, said.

krizik pavilion e
Visualization of the exterior of the Křižík pavilions / via

“The unique space of divadlo Spirála will make it possible to bring a number of other programs to Výstaviště, which we now have nowhere to place. The first Křižík pavilion is already being repaired, the others should follow by the end of the year,” he added.

Tomáš Hübl, board chairman of Výstaviště Praha, said he welcomed the approval of the renovation. “The repair of the Křižík pavilions will give Výstaviště new opportunities. At the same time, we are glad that we will have quality premises available in the future at the time when the Industrial Palace will be closed due to the planned renovation. The Křižík pavilions with an exhibition area of 5,500 square meters and an auditorium for 3,000 visitors can largely replace it,” Hübl said.

krizik pavilion
Visualization of the interior of the Křižík pavilions / via

“The renovation will improve not only the economy but also the aesthetics of Výstaviště. Dilapidated buildings will be transformed into modern and operationally efficient buildings, and modifications will also affect their immediate surroundings, which need transformation ‘like salt,’” he added, using a Czech idiom.

When designing the renovation of the Křižík pavilions, the company Výstaviště Praha sought the most economical way for its implementation, taking into account current construction standards and norms. Emphasis was also placed on a radical reduction in the energy intensity of these buildings. The preparation of the renovation project took place in cooperation with academic architect Michal Brix.

krizik pavilion
Visualization of the interior of the Křižík pavilions / via

Divadlo Spirála will be renovated into a modern multifunctional hall for holding musical and theatrical performances, as well as conferences and other social events. In addition, a new second hall will be created in the basement of the theater during the renovation. At the same time, the theater will be equipped with modern theater and audiovisual technology. The author of the renovation is one of the authors of the original project, architect Tomáš Kulík.

“Divadlo Spirála is an exceptional building, which has been in a desolate state since the [2002] floods. It is a unique building, and its roof is a technical monument. The renovation of the theater won the Grand Prix of the Community of Architects in 1993. We are so glad that we can return this building to its original beauty,” Deputy Mayor Vyhnánek said.

Křižík pavilions
Křižík pavilions / via

Výstaviště Praha’s Hübl said that after the renovation, Divadlo Spirála would have a huge potential. “In its time one of the most important musicals, Jesus Christ Superstar, was performed here, and the performance was seen by more than 850,000 spectators,” he said.

The need to reconstruct the Křižík pavilions and Divadlo Spirála has been addressed for several years. The Křižík pavilions are in poor technical condition and allow only limited operation. Divadlo Spirála has been falling into disrepair since the floods in 2002. Their renovation will bring Výstaviště Praha Holešovice a wide range of opportunities for cultural, social and commercial events.

In the long term, the entire Výstaviště area is undergoing a large transformation, with new eateries, grilling areas, water features and playgrounds. One wing of the Industrial Palace, which burned down in 2008, is also being rebuilt. In the adjacent Stromovka park, Šlechtova Villa is finishing a much needed renovation and will reopen as a restaurant.

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