Prague Zoo raises ticket prices, but pledges more money to save animals in the wild

From February 1st, Prague Zoo tickets will go up 50 crowns - but the zoo will contribute 67% more from each ticket to animal charities

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 21.01.2020 10:36:13 (updated on 21.01.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

From February 1, the price of tickets to Prague Zoo will go up for the first time since 2012, Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček told journalists yesterday.

Currently, adults pay a 200 crown entrance fee to Prague Zoo; children (ages 3-15) and students are charged 150 crowns per ticket. Tickets for both will go up by 50 crowns, representing a 25% increase for adults and a 33% increase for students and children.

The cost of a family pass for two adults and two children will also see a significant raise, from 600 to 800 crowns. Ticket prices for senior citizens at Prague Zoo will remain 150 crowns, and senior citizens over 70 will continue to pay a nominal one crown entrance fee.

Since the last price increase in 2012, Prague Zoo has opened a number of new enclosures and expanded the scope of its activities, necessitating a larger budget for day-to-day operations in 2020, according to Zoo officials.

Flamingos at Prague Zoo, Czech Republic
Flamingos at Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

In addition to the increase in ticket prices, Prague Zoo will allocate a larger amount for wildlife charities that go towards helping animals in the wild.

Currently, three crowns from every ticket purchased to Prague Zoo go towards rescue programs for wild animals. That amount will be raised to five crowns along with the general increase in ticket prices from

While an additional two crowns per ticket may not sound like much, it’s a 67% increase that will represent a considerable total considering the millions of visitors that come to Prague Zoo annually.

Despite the increase in ticket prices, Prague Zoo remains one of the least expensive zoos among those rated as the best in the world. In 2015, TripAdvisor named Prague Zoo the fourth best in the world – behind only San Diego Zoo, Loro Parque, and Singapore Zoo.

Green crocodile at Prague Zoo, Czech Republic
Green crocodile at Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

But Singapore Zoo charges a 37 Singapore dollar entrance fee (600+ crowns), Loro Parque 38 euros (900+ crowns), and San Diego a whopping $58 (1300+ crowns), all multiple times what it costs to visit Prague Zoo, even with the price increase.

These are the new ticket prices for Prague Zoo valid from February 1, 2020:

Adults: 250 CZK
Students: 200 CZK
Children (ages 3-15): 200 CZK
Children under 3: free
Senior Citizens: 150 CZK
Senior Citizens over 70: 1 CZK
Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children): 800 CZK

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