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Some things to keep in mind when deciding on a school Staff

Written by Staff Published on 12.05.2004 19:45:00 (updated on 21.03.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Written by Sylvia May
Director, EISP

The most important factor for families moving and working abroad is to feel confident that the family will move and settle with as little disruption as possible.

If you are moving from the UK or from your native country, to live in one where continuing education presents choices, there are many factors to consider.

Within Prague there are a variety of national and international schools to choose from. So what do you need to look for when the time comes to choose? The list can be exhaustive, but my advice to all parents is to take your time to visit all the relevant schools that can offer places. When you visit have in your mind the answers to the following questions:

x What do I want the school to provide?
x What kind of environment do my children enjoy?
x What areas of strength do they have?
x Do they need support in any areas?
x Is the school safe and welcoming?
x How do they help to settle the children in?
x Is the right school more important than location?
x What do my children want from a school? Ask them!

At the time of the visit be prepared to be objective. Remember that it is what happens inside the building and school grounds that will matter. Don’t be put off or swayed by locations and building styles. Look objectively at what is being offered in terms of educational facilities.

When you enter the school you should feel welcomed and you should speak frankly about your expectations. If the school is not able to meet them you can save yourself a lot of time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you walk around the school, look at the quality of the work and the displays that are in corridors – not just in each classroom. Is the children’s work celebrated? Is there variety? Is the environment bright and stimulating? Are there parents around the school helping? Is there a sense of purpose? Is school working to meet individual needs and potentials? Is there a buzz?

But most importantly, look at the children. Do they seem happy, occupied and interested. Do they look comfortable with their teachers? Do they want to share what they are doing with you and the person that is showing you around?

Finally, always ask if it would be possible to speak with a parent about the school. First hand information is always invaluable.

In my 25 years experience as an educator and a parent I feel confident in saying that parents will know the right school by the way if feels how their children react when they visit too.

Be sure to visit all the available schools because the choice you make will be the most important one for you as a family and you need to feel confident in that decision from the outset.

This Article was written by Sylvia May

From English International School of Prague

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