Prague’s summer transport schedule starts July 1: Here's what you need to know

The city will reduce some metro repairs this summer due to the Czech EU presidency while transport to the its top water attraction will get easier. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 01.07.2022 12:29:00 (updated on 01.07.2022) Reading time: 3 minutes

From July 1 summer timetables and closures kick off on Prague's public transport lines. The EU presidency will have a positive impact on the transport situation while added connections will make it easier to visit one of the country's biggest water attractions. Here's what to expect as you plan your summer commutes and day trips:

"The standard holiday timetable that will come into effect is similar to last summer. Intervals will be extended especially on peak working days, and on some bus lines also on weekends. School lines and school connections on suburban and regional lines will not run," a spokesman for the transport organizer ROPID, told the Metro daily.

The holiday timetable will end on Aug. 31.

With the start of the summer holiday schedule for Prague Integrated Transport, there will also be some changes geared toward better connecting visitors to one of Prague's splashiest attractions from Friday: Aquapalace in Čestlice.

From July 1 to Aug. 31 new booster connections will run express between the Opatov metro station and the Čestlice, Aquapark stop which will not go to Průhonice. Thanks to the new connections, a half-hourly interval will be provided to the Čestlice aquapark every day of the week until 11 p.m.

Hot? Tell the driver|Oftentimes, passengers riding public transit will complain about air conditioning when the driver has not turned it on, or not regulated the air conditioning properly. On some buses with A/C, drivers will close all the windows, but fail to properly turn up the air conditioning. Passengers should tell the driver if they are unhappy with the level of air conditioning on trams with the capability for A/C. According to the regulations, the driver must have the cab door closed, so s/he cannot control the temperature in the passenger compartment while driving. If the passenger warns him of temperature fluctuations, he must carry out an inspection or report a defect to the control room.

"The new connections of the line replace the original Aquabus, and the Aquapalace from Čestlice is contributing to their operation," ROPID says.

Due to the Czech presidency of the Council of the European Union and the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge, there will be no closures this year on metro line C, which typically sees a change of metro cars that causes a shutdown for several days.

Transport company representatives say that "This holiday season there will be fewer shutdowns in the subway and trams than in other years."

There is, however, some construction of note: work will be done on transport infrastructure in three areas from the beginning of July including metro, tram lines, and trolleybuses. From this Saturday, July 2 DPP will begin its modernization of the tram line in Modřany from the Poliklinika Modřany-Sídliště Modřany section which will affect the operation of six tram lines.

The work here will last until Saturday, August 27. Also from this Saturday, until Wednesday, July 6 DPP will change cars in the Depo Hostivař metro station affecting traffic on line A between Skalka and Depo Hostivař stations. From Monday, July 4, the construction of parking spaces for trolleybuses in Palmovka will begin and last until Sunday, July 31.

How to spot an air-conditioned tram

  • According to PID (Prague Integrated Transport), you can spot a tram equipped with air conditioning by the white & yellow trim: this indicates a newer model of 15t that had A/C installed upon delivery.
  • Trams with A/C can also be identified by number: a total of 125 trams numbered 9326–9450 come equipped with air conditioning and yellow trim. The yellow trim also means that the tram comes equipped with wi-fi internet access.
  • Trams without air conditioning meanwhile can be identified as only having the grey trim, and include 123 trams numbered 9201–9325.
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