A heatwave is coming to Prague: look for yellow-nosed trams to help cool off this summer

Only a tenth of public transit in Prague has air conditioning; make sure to hop the right tram this summer

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 09.07.2020 10:40:33 (updated on 09.07.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

Summer is starting in Prague, and temperatures this week should peek at 30 degrees Celsius again. Each summer, residents across Prague are faced with a common complaint: not enough air conditioning in trams and buses across the city.

By Friday of this week, temperatures will rise to 30 degrees, according to iDnes. After a brief period of rain over the weekend, temperatures will once again rise to close to 30 degrees next week.

Only a tenth of public transit in Prague has air conditioning, a number that grows every year when authorities purchase new transport vehicles with air conditioning installed.

Oftentimes, passengers riding public transit will complain about air conditioning when the driver has not turned it on, or not regulated the air conditioning properly. On some buses with A/C, drivers will close all the windows, but fail to properly turn up the air conditioning.

Passengers should tell the driver if they are unhappy with the level of air conditioning on trams with the capability for A/C, said spokeswoman Aneta Řehková.

“According to the regulations, the driver must have the cab door closed, so he cannot define the temperature in the passenger compartment while driving,” Řehková told Metro.cz. “If the passenger warns him of temperature fluctuations, he must carry out an inspection or report a defect to the control room.”

The 15T ForCity trams with air conditioning first arrived in Prague in 2015, and have been growing in number since. Last year, authorities installed A/C on more than 100 new trams. You can identify the trams with a yellow nose.

This year, despite the coronavirus pandemic, buses and trams with air conditioning will turn up their systems to accommodate passengers.

“In buses, it will be set to maximum outside air intake and will always be activated with valid quality standards. That is, at temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius and higher,” said Řehková.

Warm temperatures won’t last long this week, according to iDnes. By the weekend, expect rain and cooler temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees.

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