Prague's Faculty of Arts closed through January following tragic shooting

The main building of Prague's Faculty of Arts will remained closed until the end of next month following the deadly shooting that claimed 14 lives. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 29.12.2023 12:47:00 (updated on 29.12.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Charles University's Faculty of Arts in Prague on December 21, the main building on Jan Palach Square will remain closed until at least the end of January 2024, Charles University has confirmed in a statement to press.

The shooting, which resulted in the loss of 14 lives and left 25 injured, has deeply affected the school community. Charles University's crisis team, which has been in session since the incident, will continue its work to address the aftermath and plan for the healing process.

Rector Milena Králíčková, after a meeting with the deans of all university faculties, stated that complete information regarding the organization of the academic year and the subsequent examination period would be communicated to students and employees today.

She emphasized that sensitivity and accommodation would be crucial during the extended healing process for the entire university.

"These will be weeks, maybe months, when we have to be sensitive and accommodating to each other," Králíčková noted. The university acknowledges the unique challenges each faculty and building face and is tailoring security measures accordingly.

The tragedy has prompted discussions about security measures at different university locations. Králíčková mentioned that measures would vary depending on whether the buildings were historic structures in central Prague or more modern facilities. With over 190 buildings under the university's purview, a tailored approach to security at each location is necessary.

Charles University locations in the city center have become sites of mourning, with people continuing to gather in front of the Carolinum building and the faculty building on Jan Palach Square to pay their respects to the victims.


Thousands of candles, flowers, photos, and messages have been left at both locations. The university is currently deciding how to handle these places of remembrance and has indicated they will be preserved at least until the beginning of January.

Most of the personal belongings left behind by individuals during the evacuation of the Faculty of Arts building have been returned, with further deliveries scheduled from January 4 until the end of the month.

As the university community grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, efforts are underway to foster healing, support, and a collective sense of resilience among students, faculty, and staff. Symbolic commemorative events are being planned for January 2024 to honor the victims and contribute to the healing process.

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