Prague ranked Europe's second-best beer destination in new study

Only Madrid outranks the Czech capital as a top destination for beer according to analysis by Danish shipping and logistics company DFDS. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 14.04.2024 11:44:00 (updated on 14.04.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

In a recent study conducted by Danish shipping and logistics company DFDS, Prague has been hailed as Europe's second-best destination for beer, with only Madrid surpassing it in the rankings. Vienna, Budapest, and Thessaloniki rounded out the top five.

The analysis, which looked at 70 of Europe's most popular destinations, 8,000 bars and pubs, and over 40,000 Google reviews, evaluated various factors including beer quality, price, social media buzz, and the quality and quantity of bars and pubs. Each country was assigned a total score out of 100 based on the four criteria.

Underdog nations Spain and Czechia claimed the top spots, with Madrid leading the pack and Prague closely following. Brno tied with Amsterdam for number 13 on the list. Despite being renowned for beer culture, top Belgian and German destinations (Brussels and Berlin) found themselves in seventh and ninth place in the rankings, respectively.

Europe's top beer destinations. Image: DFDS
Europe's top beer destinations. Image: DFDS

Prague's beer scene stands out for its vibrant atmosphere, affordability, and rich brewing tradition. Boasting approximately 35 breweries, the Czech capital offers an array of options for beer enthusiasts. Pilsner Urquell, a classic Czech beer revered for its role in inspiring other Pilsner recipes, reigns supreme among locals.

"When you go to Prague, it’s all about the Pilsner. It’s what all the locals drink, and most places only serve this, which you can get either light or dark," Beer expert and editor of Keg to Differ Shaun Hill tells DFDS. "It’s served with a huge head of foam and it’s great. The best place to try it is U Zlatého tygra (The Golden Tiger)."

Despite recent inflation that has seen beer prices skyrocket, the Czech capital scored highest in price, with only Porto, Valencia, and Brno offering cheaper pints among the top 20 cities in the study. Prague also rated high in social media buzz, which was gauged by sampling TikTok content related to each city's beer scene to estimate an average total number of video views.

Oddly, Prague scored lowest in beer quality, a rating generated by sampling Google reviews mentioning beer across the city's top establishments. The Czech capital scored a 65 in beer quality, according to the study, while Brno rated an 85; Starobrno must be more popular than we thought.

DFDS also encourages visitors to Prague are also to explore its historic breweries, including the Strahov Monastery Brewery, nestled within an ancient monastery, and U Fleků, the city's oldest brewery dating back over five centuries.

With its diverse array of breweries, historic pubs, and unbeatable atmosphere, Prague continues to captivate visitors from around the globe, cementing its reputation as a premier destination for beer enthusiasts. Read more about Prague beer gardens and festivals for the 2024 summer season in our roundup here.

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