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Written by David Creighton
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Public transport within the Prague boundaries is user-friendly, but if you live in the towns just outside the city getting around is straightforward too, thanks to the ROPID (Regionální organizátor pražské integrované dopravy) System, which coordinates public transport in Prague and the surrounding districts of Central Bohemia.


Outside Prague the ROPID network consists of a suburban rail system fanning out from several stations in the capital and an extensive bus network (route nos. 301-399 and 401-499) The ticketing system is based on a system of concentric zones centred on Prague; the ticket price and time validity increases with the number of zones travelled through.


Information about the ticketing system (transfer tickets) is shown in the table below. There are effectively six zones in total. Although Prague is made up of three zones, indicated by letters P (2 zones) and 0, the city is regarded as one zone if you are travelling by metro, tram and bus. The standard transfer (CZK 20/10) or non-transfer (CZK 14/7) tickets apply here (see Metro Tickets & Passes article). Use of these tickets on trains is a little more complicated because the CZK 14(7) ticket is valid only in the P zone. If you want to cross from zone P to zone 0 then you´ll need a transfer ticket. You´re probably unlikely to use the non-transfer ticket beyond the Prague zones, but more detailed information about using it in zones 4-8 can be obtained from ROPID.



Zone 3 (0 4 5 6 7 8
Time validity (mins.) 75 (90) 90 120 150 180 210 240
Basic Transfer ticket – no discount (CZK) 20 24 30 36 42 48
Basic Transfer ticket – discount for children aged 6-15 (CZK) 10 13 16 19 22 25


Source: ROPID


Outside Prague there are five more zones, and if you are travelling to the city from a destination in one of them all you need to do is work out how many zones you cross, in order to buy a ticket/pass. A map showing all the zones can be seen in metro stations, travel centres and at www.dp-praha.cz.      


Buses have a digital display indicating the zone you are travelling in. In buses travelling beyond Prague a recorded message will indicate when you have crossed into Zone 3, 4 etc. No such information is given on trains. 


Buying Tickets


Tickets can be bought from the yellow machines at metro stations and some bus or tram stops.  If you are a regular traveller it makes sense to buy a pass. If you already have a ticket or pass which covers Prague then you need only buy a ticket/pass for the zone(s) outside the city boundaries.


You can buy a pass, known as a doplňkový kupon (supplementary coupon), for use on the train or bus. Passes are widely available, notably at railway stations and selected metro stations. There are also separate Czech Railways coupons, which can be used on trains only, and are available at railway stations and selected metro stations.


For further details see www.ropid.cz

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