Prague is among the world’s top 10 Christmastime destinations

According to research by travel booking platform Kayak, Prague is one of the world’s most popular Christmas destinations

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 19.12.2018 11:13:12 (updated on 19.12.2018) Reading time: 1 minute

What are the world’s top cities to visit during the holiday season?

Popular travel booking platform Kayak, which compares rates from a variety of different servers, recently compiled data for Business Insider in order to determine the world’s most popular destinations during Christmastime.

Their research included searches conducted from September 1 through December 4 of this year for for trips to be booked between December 22 and January 1.

The results may not be surprising: many of the cities in the top 15 include destinations that are popular all year ‘round, including London, which was the third most-visited city in 2017 and the most-searched city for Christmas 2018.

Asian cities, which dominate the year-round list of most popular destinations, are generally absent from the list of Christmas getaways, which makes sense.

Prague, meanwhile, surged in popularity as a Christmas destination: while the Czech capital barely squeezed into the world’s top 20 most visited cities in 2017, it’s all the way up to #6 in the list of 2018 Christmas locales.

European cities, naturally, were the most popular Christmas destinations, with Amsterdam and Lisbon topping Prague and Barcelona, Berlin, and Rome also featuring among the top 10.

New York and Montreal were the lone North American cities in the top 15.

These are the world’s top 15 destinations for Christmas, as determined by and Business Insider:

1. London, United Kingdom
2. New York City, New York
3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
4. Lisbon, Portugal
5. Marrakech, Morocco
6. Prague, Czech Republic
7. Barcelona, Spain
8. Berlin, Germany
9. Bangkok, Thailand
10. Rome, Italy
11. Budapest, Hungary
12. Porto, Portugal
13. Paris, France
14. Montreal, Canada
15. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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