Prague Hair Salons

A Cut Above: Prague´s hottest salons and a few lesser-known gems

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 05.02.2007 11:26:39 (updated on 05.02.2007) Reading time: 3 minutes

I came to Prague from New York City, a place where the phrases “blow-out”, “cut-and-dry” and “highlights” are even a part of the cab drivers´ lexicon. As a bit of a big-city hair snob I was pleasantly surprised to find that Prague is home to some of the most hard-working salons in the business—salons that charge a pretty penny less than those in larger, Western hotspots.

That said the language barrier can present a challenge for the uninitiated. If a simple trim is what you´re after, surpass the fancy salon and walk into any of the plethora of hair places in Prague. A few points to remember: learn the phrase Můžete mě ostříhat a vyfoukat (“I want a trim”), bring a picture and keep your fingers crossed!

If you seek an image overhaul, it makes good sense to track down a reputable salon with an English-speaking staff. You should plan to pay at least 1,500-2,000 CZK for a haircut and style and an additional 1,000 CZK for color. (And don´t forget to tip—you are expected to give at least 10 percent). Once you´ve landed the cut of your dreams you can rely on a less-expensive salon for up-keep.

This sampler of Prague´s English-speaking hair salons—we´ve tried to keep every style and budget in mind—will help get you started.

Best Place to STARGAZE
Prima TV personality and stylist to visiting luminaries like Kirsten Dunst, British hair guru James Fillery is the driving force behind the wildly popular James Hair ( The salon—a Prague staple for 11 years—offers all of the usual services (cut, color, perm) but specializes in straightening treatments—their Yuko System is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. subscribers receive a 10 percent discount.

The sleek red and white interior of Salon Petra Mechurova ( radiates an ultra-modern aesthetic that carries over to the inventive hairstyles created at this award-winning salon. Stylists here specialize in the edgy, asymmetric haircuts popular with hipster heads but are also comfortable with basic styles for the less daring.


I am addicted to the look, feel and smell of Toni&Guy´s
( internationally renowned TIGI line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. These ultra-nourishing, eye-pleasingly packaged and luscious smelling hair treats are available at other Prague salons, but once you´ve indulged in the luxury of a Toni&Guy cut it´s nearly impossible to stray.

With two “Colorist of the Year” awards (2004-2005) under their belt, the pros at Libor Šula ( will find the perfect hue for you. Offering everything from highlights to overall color to color correcting and cuts. Visit one of their two locations for a highstyle that is less about hair maintenance and more about high art.

The streetwise set count on Tribo Prague ( and Aries Tattoo ( for punk cuts, funky color (think dark mahoganies and reds), Rasta braids and dreadlocks. Attention multi-taskers: body piercing and tattooing (henna and permanent) are also included on the list of services.

Best on a BUDGET
It is possible to get a pricey salon look for less. Penny-pinching ex-pats flock to the skilled scissors of Toni&Guy alumnus Chan Soek Park´s Modrý Slon Kadeřnictví (420 605 461 014). Chan gives each and every client a personal consultation and charges less than 500 CZK for a haircut and style.

Best for the TIME-IMPAIRED
Stressed execs who can´t slip away from the office or those who simply prefer the privacy and comfort of an at-home haircut should put Monika´s Mobile and Salon Hairstyling ( and freelance stylist Neil Lucas (420 222 221 046) on speed dial. Both will dress your tresses while you´re still in your robe and slippers.

Best for HIM
High-maintenance guys can visit any of the above listed salons for a cut that´s about 100-200 CZK cheaper than the list price for women. For more low-maintenance fellas, it´s possible to score a clip or cut for as little as 90 CZK at one of the non-English speaking salons around Prague. Always indicate whether you want your stylist to use nůžky (scissors) or strojek (clippers). We like Kateřina Navrátilová
(, a cozy, friendly salon nestled on a quiet street in Prague 6.

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