Prague Airport expects a busy summer season, shares tips for a smooth flight

The airport expects to process more than three million passengers this summer as air travel returns to pre-pandemic levels. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 08.05.2023 09:30:00 (updated on 08.05.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague Airport is preparing for a busy summer season in 2023 as travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, and has shared some tips for hassle-free flying to ensure passengers have a smooth experience.

This summer, Prague Airport expects to process more than three million passengers. Officials want to make sure passengers are fully prepared for their flight and arrive to the airport at least two hours before their departure.

“A demanding summer season is again upon us. We have been getting ready for this for a long time. We launched a recruitment campaign and invited interested parties to two recruitment days at the airport, during which we presented various job positions to them," Jiří Pos, chairman of the Prague Airport board of directors, says in a press release.

"We work closely with travel agencies and inform passengers on how to best prepare for their departure. We are also launching projects which will make the demanding summer traffic easier for us in the coming years, for example, replacing the X-rays at security screening points.”

The airport's recruitment campaign to bolster its summer workforce covers jobs throughout the entire airport. Applicants can find all open positions at Prague Airport’s careers website.

“It has proven useful for us to provide passengers with information on how to prepare for their departure well in advance," adds Eva Krejčí, Prague Airport's director of communications.

"We are therefore running our extensive educational campaign again this year, asking passengers to arrive at the airport with enough time, which should be at least two hours before departure. We also ask them to go straight to security or passport control after checking in.”

In order to help passengers prepare for hassle-free travel this summer, Prague Airport has shared ten tips for smooth flying in a press release. While these tips won't be anything new for frequent flyers, it's always good to remind yourself before heading out to the airport.

These are Prague Airport's ten tips for smooth travel:

  • 1.Review your airline’s conditions for luggage (checked and carry-on bags), including the number of pieces and size of baggage allowed.
  • 2.Leave prohibited items behind; while the airport is planning to move away from a ban on liquids over 100 milliliters, this is not yet in effect.
  • 3.Pack valuables and electronics, including powerbanks and/or electronic cigarettes, in carry-on bags.
  • 4.Double-check the time you need to arrive at the gate for aircraft boarding, as specified by your airline.
  • 5.Allow enough time for your journey to the airport, factoring in the current traffic situation and possible delays.
  • 6.Arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time.
  • 7.Proceed to the check-in counter immediately upon your arrival at the airport.
  • 8.After checking in, immediately proceed to security or passport control.
  • 9.Pack the liquids you need on board in containers with a maximum volume of 100 milliliters, and place them all in a single transparent and resealable plastic bag. The total amount of liquids can be no more than one liter per person.
  • 10.After security or passport control, check your flight status on the information screens. If “gate open” or “boarding” is displayed, go straight to the gate.

Additional tips to prepare for your flight and ensure hassle-free travel are available on the official website of Prague Airport.

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