7 Prague airport secrets that save you time, money, and stress

Václav Havel Airport will be familiar to many expats, but here are some airport hacks you might not know.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 23.02.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 23.02.2023) Reading time: 5 minutes

In the era of the mighty delays and shrinking leg room, schlepping from airport to airplane has become about as appealing a trip to the dentist.

The good news? There are some insider secrets that can save you time and money when departing from or transiting through the Prague Airport. Some services are free while others are paid – but it’s a common misconception that only celebrities or the super-wealthy can take advantage of premium services.

In fact, you don’t need to have a first-class flight ticket, loyalty points or other requirements to use these services, many of which are relatively affordable compared to other European airports.

“We have a mix of business travelers for whom time is all-important and who want to be able to work right up until their flight, some families with children under six, couples flying together for a special occasion, and official state delegations,” says Jana Havlíčková, lounge manager for Prague Airport.

These hacks may not help when it comes to leg room but they will help cut down on hassles next time you fly from Prague. 

1. Skip the lines at check-in

Prague Airport services can help passengers bypass the crowded check-in counters and go straight to the gate. Private check-in service can be booked 24 hours in advance and works the way that an agent meets you at the information desk 90 minutes prior to their flight to take your baggage and travel documents. You’ll then be escorted to the FastTrack Lounge to wait for your flight in comfort and then proceed to the gate for a private security check.

A slightly pricier option is the airport’s VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL, which begins the moment you park your car in a private car park outside the Club CONTINENTAL. From here, airport staff check in both you and your baggage and assist you through passport control and customs. Passengers undergo a private, stress-free security screening, wait for their flight in a private lounge, and are taken to the plane in a private car – more on that below.

2. Wait without worry (and with snacks)

Prague Airport has several lounges that allow passengers to wait in varying degrees of privacy and comfort. The most luxurious offering is part of the the airport’s aforementioned VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL, which provides services for all flights from both Terminals 1 and 2. Here guests are treated to all inclusive drinks and snacks as well as Wi-Fi, TV, kid’s corner, and duty free shopping. Nine private lounges are available (ideal for those who want to get in some extra family time or a last-minute meeting).

The FastTrack Lounge, which can be combined with private check-in service, also includes all-inclusive drinks and snacks, Wi-Fi, TV, kid’s corner, lounge, showers, and duty free shopping. You can also book a private lounge for a business meeting here. Access to the FastTrack can be purchased on its own or combined with private check-in.

3. Check your bank cards for benefits

Holders of certain credit cards and their family members and guests are granted free or discounted entry to certain lounges. The Mastercard Lounge, for example, invites holders of Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard World Elite premium cards to enter for free; holders of Mastercard Gold premium cards get a half-off discount. Anyone can wait in the lounge, however – the price covers a 2 hour stay and payments are accepted on the spot.

The ERSTE premier lounge, can be accessed by all passengers, and include a number of amenities that allow you rest and relaxation pre-flight. Holders of Erste Premier cards can enjoy a free lounge visit. Holders of Raiffeisenbank World Elite Friedrich Wilhelm premium payment cards are eligible to enter the FastTrack lounge for free with a guest when presenting a voucher issued by the bank and a boarding pass.

4. Park like a rock star

Parking can be yet another headache for travelers. But it doesn’t have to be. Those who opt for Prague Airport’s VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL can park outside the lounge by Terminal 1 with free parking for four days.

You don’t need to be a lounge passenger, however, to take advantage of other airport parking services. These include such benefits as a car wash and interior cleaning during your holiday for a reasonable price. Booking online for long-term parking can also save you 50 percent.

5. Hit ‘snooze’ straight up to departure

Early morning airport departures and late-night arrivals are yet another painful part of travel. It’s no surprise that airport terminal hotels are increasingly common around the world. Prague Airport’s “Aerorooms” are available in both the public areas and non-public transit areas of the airport and allow you to catch some sleep before a flight or avoid getting up painfully early to catch one. Rooms can accommodate 1-4 travelers and also come with baby cribs, snacks, TV, and WiFi. Try not to sleep in and miss your flight!

6. Take advantage of freebies

Not all of the airport's services come with a price tag. Need a quick refresh before departure or following a long-haul arrival? In Terminal 2, you will find a shower in a non-public area on the third floor. The use of the shower is free and a towel and key can be rented in the Erste Premier lounge for a refundable deposit of EUR 10.

Another free airport service that’ll be appreciated by parents is the airport’s free strollers. The airport will lend you a stroller for free if you want to check yours (the strollers are behind the passport checkpoint in Terminal 1, behind the security checkpoint in Terminal 2, and at many other points in both terminals). 

7. Pass the time playing

Speaking of travel with kids, there are two rooms for parents with children that can be used free of charge. Rooms are equipped with play areas as well equipped with high chairs and a microwave for heating up meals.

A bonus trip for travel with kids: If you arrive at the airport by car, the airport recommends that you park at Parking Lot C when departing from Terminal 1 and at Parking Lot A when departing from Terminal 2 for ease of entry.

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