Prague 6’s Petynka swimming pool has reopened after renovations

The reopening of the popular Prague 5 pool was delayed due to problems with getting parts from Italy

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 20.07.2020 10:30:00 (updated on 07.10.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

The city is offering ways to beat the heat. The Petynka swimming pool in Prague 6 has reopened to the public after extensive renovations. Separately, the Prague 1 and 2 districts have introduced automated misting points to spray a fog of water.

“The outdoor 50-meter-long swimming pool has been equipped with a modern stainless steel tub; visitors will also find renovated changing rooms, showers and other facilities,” Prague 6 Deputy Mayor Jan Lacina (STAN), responsible for sports and leisure, said on the Prague 6 website.

“In preparation for the season, the operator, the firm SNEO, also purchased a new aqua-zorbing pool, two ping-pong tables, a swing and two electric four-wheel vehicles. The area was completed with 17 cedar trees and the grassy area of the clay court has been expanded,” Lacina added.

Renovation and modernization of the Petynka swimming pool has been going on since the beginning of spring. However, work to restore the outdoor swimming pool has been delayed by a coronavirus pandemic. The stainless steel tub, which replaced the previous pool lining, traveled from Italy. After the border was closed, its transport to Prague was complicated.

As part of the renovation, the surface of the paddling pool at the water slide was changed and the surfaces of the galleries around the perimeter of the pool and the wading area were changed. The work also included needed technological modifications. The upper tube of the water slide is freshly painted, as is part of the main building. New tanning beds have been added to the complex.

The opening hours of the swimming pool are daily from 7 am to 9 pm. According to government regulations, the operation of the complex is currently limited to 1,000 people. The operator recommends monitoring the current number of visitors on the swimming pool’s website or on the board at the entrance.

“Seniors from Prague 6 over the age of 70 have free entry to the swimming pool upon presentation of an identity card, which proves that they are citizens of the city district,” Lacina added.

If you want to beat the heat but don’t have time to go to a pool, Prague 1 and 2 have been installing mist points.

Prague 2 installed 14 of them from May to July 15. “On Palackého náměstí, Výton, Tylovo a Ostrčilovo náměstí, people can be refreshed by water mist for three months. Other mist points are located on playgrounds and in parks. These water elements, which emit water mist, are thus a welcome refreshment for citizens and visitors on hot days,” Prague 2 Deputy Mayor Václav Vondrášek (ODS), responsible for the environment, said.

They are also in Havlíčkovy sady in the park on the meadows near the oavilion and at two playgrounds. Then also in Riegrovy sady in the park on the meadow on the hillside between the Sokol building and Chopinova street, at Folimanka at the entrance from Na Slupi street and at the playground, on Karlovo náměstí in the southern part of the park by the playground, and at the playgrounds at U Vodárny and Na Rybníčku.

These mist points are equipped with a solar panel and a thermostat, which regulates their operation according to the outdoor temperature. They start up when the temperature rises above 23 degrees Celsius and will be in operation until September.

Prague 1 has misting points in nine locations as of July 9. “The stifling streets of Prague 1 definitely deserve such facilities. This year, for the first time, we have them in such numbers — and I want to ensure that their use becomes commonplace in the summer,” Prague 1 City Councilor Richard Bureš (ODS), responsible for the environment, said.

The mist points are an alternative to sprinkler trucks that patrol the city on hot days.

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