Prague 1 launches stricter rules for shared e-scooters

The system for parking e-scooters in the city center will include fines for leaving them outside designated areas. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 20.07.2023 15:37:00 (updated on 21.07.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague 1 has set some new regulations for shared e-scooters, including significant adjustments to the introduction of spot parking for shared e-scooters that take effect on Sept. 1. Vojtěch Ryvola, the councilor for transport in Prague 1, said that four rental companies – Lime, Recola, Nextbike, and Bolt – already have designated parking zones. There will now be a second option for spot parking, which requires scooters to be parked within a 10-meter radius of a designated point.

Not only will the rental companies have to place the e-scooters in the designated zones or spots, but users will also have to leave them there once they are done. Users found parking outside designated areas will receive a fine of CZK 500 through the rental app, Ryvola told news server Pražská Drbna.

Operators must remove improperly parked scooters as soon as possible

Prague 1 alone currently hosts approximately 2,000 to 2,500 shared electric scooters. Following the implementation of the new regulations, the municipal district will ensure that users adhere to the parking rules. Additionally, if any discarded scooters or bikes are discovered, the rental operators will be required to promptly remove them. Failure to do so within an hour could result in fines being imposed on the rental companies.

While the rental companies wanted up to 250 parking spaces, Ryvola believes a more reasonable figure would be around 70 to 80 parking spots, which are clearly marked in the public space. At the moment, 44 parking spaces have been designated in Prague 1. He said GPS could be used to monitor scooter parking and address any improperly parked vehicles.

Ryvola also expressed concerns about another aspect of reckless scooter behavior: driving under the influence of alcohol. Prague police have increased checks on scooter riders for signs of intoxication, leading to more fines being issued. In response, rental companies have promised to equip individual scooters with alcohol-testing devices to deter intoxicated riding.

In June, Ryvola told news site Blesk that the operators should also remotely disable the use of scooters in certain areas, such as the Royal Route between the Powder Tower and Prague Castle.

Other districts also cracking down on e-scooters

The Prague 3 district is also cracking down on e-scooters. Local representatives reached an agreement with the four operators stipulating that inappropriately parked e-scooters and bikes would be removed on weekdays during daylight hours within two hours of a report. Four hotlines have been set up so the public can report improperly parked scooters and bikes directly to the operators. People can also email the district if no action is taken.

Prague 3 has installed about 250 bike racks and places to drop off shared bikes and scooters. In 2021 it was the first district to reach an agreement with operators over using designated parking areas. The Prague 2 district concluded an agreement at the end of March on parking areas as well as keeping bikes and scooters out of parks. 

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