Polar Bear Mauls Czech Man

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Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 31.03.2015 16:50:21 (updated on 31.03.2015) Reading time: 3 minutes

Czech tourist survives polar bear attack
The Guardian, March 19 – On a remote Norwegian island to get a good glimpse of the solar eclipse, sleeping Jakub Moravec was dragged out of his tent by a polar bear. The bear was driven away by gunshots and later killed.
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In Your Face: Miss Great Britain proves Extra.cz wrong with new photos
Daily Mail, March 31 – Shelby Tribble, whose face was blurred out by the Czech gossip site in November, shows them what she’s got in a sexy new photo shoot. 
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Prague at bottom of the class with ‘D minus’ rating for pollution
Yahoo News, March 30 – The city ranks among the most-polluted European cities, but still scores above Dublin, Glasgow, Madrid, and Rome, who rated ‘F’. Lisbon and Luxembourg rated lowest; Zurich and Copenhagen highest.
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Disgusted friend leaks Terezín urination images to Czech police
Daily Mail, March 27 – Zdeněk Appl is turned in to police by a disgusted former friend after being photographed urinating and making Nazi salutes at the Terezín memorial. Police say “there is little that can be done.”
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Great grey owl plays hide-and-seek with Czech photographer
Daily Mail, March 30 – Photographer Jiri Michal captured these candid shots of a playful owl in Vysoká.
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Czech man’s sexy surprise turns into Old Town humiliation
9News, March 23 – The latest video from Czech YouTube pranksters Viral Brothers results in public humiliation for Čeněk Stýblo.
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$230 million CZK Czech film raises $230 through crowdfunding
Twitchfilm, March 23 – Tomáš Krejčí’s The Last of Aporver, in production since 2006 (!) with a budget of $230 million CZK, has turned to Indiegogo crowdfunding to raise funds required to finish the movie. 
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Whipped women among Europe’s ‘Most Spectacular Easter Celebrations’
Forbes, March 30 – Prague’s Old Town Easter Market, and accompanying Czech traditions, selected as one of the “Most Spectacular Easter Celebrations in Europe” by Forbes. 
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Throw eggs at the US convoy, wind up in the pen
RT.com, March 23 – In advance of the US military convoy’s ride through the Czech Republic, potential egg and tomato hurlers were staved off by a threat of up to three years in prison.
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$40 million Bitcoin scammer arrested in Czech Republic
CryptoCoinsNews, March 29 – The owner of Sheep Marketplace, a Silk Road-like web market that bilked Bitcoin owners out of $40 million USD, has been arrested after trying to purchase a luxury home in the Czech Republic.
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Czech Republic aims to sweep away ‘Chimney of Europe’ label
Bloomberg, March 27 – Support for a smoking ban in the Czech Republic is on the rise, reports Bloomberg.
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Czech family exploits immigrants in “grotesque Harry Potter concept”
North Devon Journal, March 26 – Foreign workers were forced to sleep in garages and cupboards by a Czech Roma family in the UK.
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How Czech-born Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice.
France Today, March 31 – A look back at one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated, by famed Czech-born con artist Lustig.
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