Pokémon Go Saves Two Lives Near Prague

While hunting for Pokémon near the Czech capital, one gamer came across two motionless bodies in a precarious location

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 21.07.2016 16:38:59 (updated on 21.07.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

Pokémon Go has been no stranger to odd news stories over the past two weeks, such as reports from the US that players have stumbled across dead bodies or been lured to secluded locations and robbed at gunpoint.

Yesterday, another dead body was found by a Pokémon trainer in Denmark

The game has even stirred up some controversy in the Czech capital, with the Jewish Museum of Prague seeking to ban players from hunting Pokémon within the museum’s premises. 

But sometimes, getting more eyes in public locations can be a good thing, even if that worldview is filtered through a mobile phone app.

On Monday, July 18, one gamer stumbled upon two motionless bodies while hunting for Pokémon in Kosmonosy, northeast of Prague, reports Týdeník Policie on their Facebook page.

“On July 18, I was playing the Pokemon GO game,” the unnamed gamer wrote to Týdeník Policie. “Thanks to the game, I noticed two bodies that were not moving.”

Because of the location of the two men, who were presumably intoxicated, the gamer called local police, who were quick to respond. One was precariously balanced on a ledge next to the road.

“One had a head injury that was bleeding. Since I know that the area falls under the jurisdiction of MP Kosmonosy, I called them because I believed one person to be in danger of falling on the main road.”

While Pokémon Go has led to some unpleasant encounters for some gamers, this time it might have saved two lives. 

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