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Written by Staff Published on 23.08.2010 12:58:48 (updated on 23.08.2010) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Play Prague Music Conference and Concert will be from Tuesday, September 21 to Sunday, September 26 in Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic . The 6 day event will feature seminars by music industry professionals, performances by artists and bands and talent competitions. The official website of Play Prague is, and a link will be posted on the website to view a live pod cast of the closing concert on Saturday, September 25. Integral to the mission of the music conference is to give major exposure to “undiscovered” recording artists, bands, singers and songwriters.

Several music industry professionals and artists from Nashville, Tennessee will fly to Prague to participate in “Play Prague” including Rich Adler (Grammy award winning producer/engineer), Kimberley Dahme (first female member of rock group Boston), Stan Webb (hit country music singer/songwriter), Waldo Weathers (15 years with the James Brown band now living in Stuttgard), Suzahn Fiering (Jazz diva), Evert Wilbrink (record label executive) and Dan Wunsch (former owner/editor of Nashville Music Guide). For complete biographies, visit the website. There already is a musical connection between Prague and Nashville, the former The International City of Music and the latter Music City USA.

The closing concert will feature Stan Webb and Kimberley Dahme backed up by a band of Czech musicians with Honza Prucha as band leader and guitarist. Opening for the headliners will be the “best of best” of the conference chosen by music industry judges from the performances / showcases on September 22, 23 and 24 leading up to the final concert. Also the winners of the song collaboration competition will perform.

The concert will close with the children’s song, “Let Us Play In Peace In Our World,” expressing the universal hope of children around the world that one day they will not be the innocent victims of war. To end the song, artists from different countries will sing the title in their native language representing the children of their country. The chorus of the song can be played on the website.

Record label executives and music management professionals throughout Europe have been invited to attend as guests of the event.

The music conference will take place in Prague at Club Na Slamniku and Pub Na Slamniku with the final concert at Club Vagon.

For agenda, registration and general information, visit the Play Prague website



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