Picnicking and Barbecuing in Prague

Where to go to enjoy a meal in the outdoors

Ryan Scott

Written by Ryan Scott Published on 12.05.2011 09:13:36 (updated on 12.05.2011) Reading time: 7 minutes

It’s spring, and the Czech Republic offers some truly beautiful locations for eating and drinking outdoors. Whether you’re into the traditional basket and blanket affair or a cookout, Prague has opportunities for both.

Some Regulations

Before we look at some locations in the capital and its surrounds, here is some advice courtesy of Prague City Hall concerning picnics and barbecues.

A fire can only be made by a person 18 years and older, or someone in the direct care of a person 18 years and older.

It is forbidden to: tip ash, even if cold in the forest or picnic areas; take wood from the forest; make a fire when it is very dry or there is a strong wind; drop litter in the area; use picnic areas at night; or make excessive noise. You are required to put out the fire before leaving.

However, you are allowed to use a portable grill in these areas. And unlike other fires, say at a witch burning, it is not necessary to inform the fire brigade in advance if you are using these areas, because these are exceptions and the fire brigade is prepared. Having said that, it is always important to exercise caution.

A few Tips for Picnics

Prague has plenty of green space, so slapping a blanket down and snacking on a sandwich shouldn’t be a problem, right? Umm…not exactly. You need to check that it isn’t prohibited to go on the grass, and according to Prague City Hall, if it isn’t forbidden it is permitted. Some tried and tested places include Kampa, which is a central place, and Petřin hill, which affords you great views of the city, though it can get quite busy.

Open Grills

If you want to have a barbecue outside, then there are a few areas around Prague set aside for this:

Ďáblický háj

Getting there: From Kobylisy metro station, take tram 14 or 25 to Kobylisy Vozovna and cross Žernosecká street. Follow the yellow path for about 5 minutes until you come to a children’s playground (sign posted as dětské hřiště). The picnic area is at the back.


A first impression here might not seem promising, but the picnic area is quite pleasant. There is a large fire place with a grill, 6 benches and a table with another two, so in all seating for about 30 adults. Plus, there’s plenty of room on the grass.

Key words: convenient and accessible.


Large playground at Ďáblický háj with a picnic area at the back


Official picnic area with a fire pit and grill at Ďáblický háj

Divoká Šárka

Getting there: Take the 20 or 26 tram or 119 or 218 bus from Dejvická metro station. Follow the cycle path.


Divoká Šárka is Prague’s green oasis in the city. With its craggy rocks and shadowy valleys, the area is perfect for a walk as much as a picnic. The main grill area is quite a hike, but there is an area near the Občerstvení Šárka (about 5 minutes down the red path) where people occasionally grill. There is even wood and kindling piled here. The grassy area on Maiden’s Leap (Dívčí Skok) makes for a perfect sprawl-out on a blanket.

Key words: your sanctuary in the urban jungle.


Few picnic places afford such magnificent views as Divoká Šárka


A shelter along the path where you can rest and eat in Divoká Šárka

https://www.expats.cz/resources/divoka_sarka3.jpgClimb up to Maiden’s Leap (Dívčí Skok) and stretch out on a blanket at Divoká Šárka


Getting there: Take tram 3 from either Palmovka or Hloubětín to stop U Elektry. Follow U Elektry to the train tracks (in the direction away from the Sony building). Follow the paved footpath along the tracks, and at the end, cross a small bridge. The area is on the other side of a field (don’t cross under the train tracks. You’re going the wrong way.) Alternatively, you can follow the cycle path from Hloubětín for 2 kilometers to the footbridge. If you drive, there is some parking area by the train tracks at the end of U Elektry. From there, follow the path as mentioned before.

This is a small area with a table and three benches around the fire. There is no grill, but there is a holder for one. The proximity to the train track does mean this is not quite the idyllic location as some others. Around the fire are three benches with a table nearby, so room for about twenty adults.

Key words: Prague’s surprising picnic spot.


Picnic area in Hloubětin


Getting There: Take either the 122 or 181 bus from Nádraží Hostivař (the bus stop is down the street from the station) or from the metro station Opatov to bus stop Nad Košíkem on K Horkám street. Walk to K Jezeru Street, which runs under K Horkám. Follow K Jezeru to the parking area. The picnic area is a little behind this. Or just drive straight to the parking area.


This a very large picnic area. There are two fire pits, one with a grill and a lot of sitting area and a small shelter. You could easily accommodate about fifty people. There’s plenty of playground equipment for the kids. One drawback is that, at least on my visit, the area was quite messy. There is also a climbing park nearby.

Key words: for your jumbo-sized barbecues.


Picnic area in Hostivař


Enough space for all the family and a few friends and more in Hostivař



Getting there: Take the bus 120 from Na Knížecí, near Anděl, to the final stop, Klukovice. Follow the street Do Klukovic and continue along the cycle path, going under the train tracks. Et voila! – the picnic area.

Nestled in suburbia, this picnic area is quiet and peaceful and the scenery almost compares to Divoká Šárka. The fire pit has a support for a grill and there is a playground for kids. There are three benches near the fire and a table on the other side of the park, providing enough room for a moderate-sized gathering.

Key words: getting away without going too far away.


Table and playground in Klukovice


Barbecue in Klukovice


A couple enjoying an afternoon barbecue in Klukovice


Getting there: Take the metro to Roztyly. Follow the path behind Roztyly to the “Velký Altán” (large arbor) along the blue path. Across from a heavily graffiti-ed pavilion, you’ll see a small football field and behind that a large fire pit with a lot of benches.


This place can accommodate lots of people and has the advantage of being near a football field, so there is room for football, frisbee, hacky sack, and other sports. Dogs are also welcome. For the little ones, there is a sand pit. There is also a refreshment stand right there in case you run out of supplies.

Key words: something for everyone.


A large fire pit in Kunratický les


A walk in the park in Kunratický les


Getting there: Take the 9, 10 or 16 tram to, no joke, Motol Krematorium. Continue along Plzeňská Street and take the first right. Follow this short road to the end, where the forest starts. Take the path veering to the right. The area is only about 30m long. If you come at the right time of day, you’ll smell people cooking.

This is a small but well-maintained area. The fire pit is made of stone and has a grill. There are 2 tables with benches and two additional benches. Dogs are welcome.

Key words: close but still far enough removed.


Now we’re cooking. Barbecuing in Řepy

Chuchlický háj

Fires are Banned but Kids are Welcome

Okay, you can’t grill here, but if you’re looking for a place where the kids can blow off steam and enjoy the outdoors, Chuchlický háj could be the place.

Getting there: Take the 172 bus from Smíchovské nádraží to the bus stop Velké Chuchle. From here follow the street Pod Akáty then continue along the yellow trail until you reach Chuchlický háj Dětské Hřiště.

The little ones will love the play equipment and the great expanse of grass to run around on. Parents will like the shade and the sense that their kids are safe. Along the yellow path, there is a smaller area with a shelter and a slide if you want a bit of privacy. Drinking alcohol is also forbidden in this area.

Key words: one for the kids.


A smaller picnic area with slide before the main playground in Chuchle

The children’s playground in Chuchle


An example of the official sign. This one is in Klukovice

Getting Your Barbecue Supplies

Supermarkets such as Tesco, Billa and Albert will have a range of sausages, meats, and sauces. However, if you’re looking for the tastes of home for your grill there is Robertson’s, with three locations in Prague.

To ensure that you can cook when you get to the barbecue area you might want to bring your own charcoal, wood and even a portable barbecue.  All these can be bought at Obi.

A 3 kg bag of coal will set you back about 59 – 62 CZK. A small portable grill is 449 CZK. A kit of barbecue tools is 279 CZK. These items can all be found in the gardening section.

Do you know of any good spots for picnics or BBQs that we haven’t mentioned above? Let us know through the form below!

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