Prague Fringe 2012 Review: Pianodivalicious!

Amy Abler's one-woman show

Lisette Allen

Written by Lisette Allen Published on 03.06.2012 13:46:23 (updated on 03.06.2012) Reading time: 2 minutes

There’s no doubt that Amy Abler knows her way around a keyboard. Hendrix famously played guitar with his teeth – Amy likes to liven things up by tinkling the ivories with the heel of her stiletto or even her butt. 

Describing herself as a recovering classical concert pianist – “they have a twelve step programme for that you know” – the feisty lady from Michigan showcases her virtuoso skills with medleys full of fast runs that effortlessly blend Mozart and Beethoven with ABBA and The Rolling Stones. There are also traveller’s tales, a spot of accordion playing and a rather tame striptease all interspersed with the odd gag or two.

It’s clear right from the moment Amy sashays onstage in a skin-tight sequinned dress brandishing feathered props and a 100 watt smile that she’s a seasoned performer. Apparently Ms Abler has burlesque in the blood: her great-great-grandmother was a “clothing removal specialist” whose nipple tassel once flew off and whacked Teddy Roosevelt in the eye.

As you would expect from someone who has done the rounds on the international fringe circuit, Amy’s show is slickly delivered. However, it’s fair to say her main strength lies in her talent as a musician rather than as a singer. At some key points her voice seemed to falter, but her self-assurance and unflagging energy made up for these minor flaws in delivery.

Overall I did enjoy the Pianodivalicious! experience and if you’re looking for a cabaret fix, then Amy’s show is worth checking out. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. However, you’re also unlikely to be blown away.

She’s great on piano, she’s doing a reasonably good job of channelling her diva, but does she have that extra special something to make it all truly ‘licious’? I’m not so sure.

Pianodivalicious! Malostranska Beseda, 1st – 4th June 8.45, 6 – 9th June, 7.15pm. Tickets available in advance at the venue’s box office or online via Ticketstream.


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