One dies, another missing after flooding in Central Moravia

Torrential overnight rains have resulted in one death in the Olomouc region of the Czech Republic

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 08.06.2020 05:59:57 (updated on 08.06.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

One person has died and another is missing following flooding in and around the towns of Uničov and Šumvald in the Olomouc region of the Czech Republic following torrential overnight rains, local firefighters have reported this morning.

Police are now searching for a 74-year-old woman who has been reported as missing after floods in the village of Oskava.

Flood waters reached levels of one meter high early Monday morning in Uničov, Šumvald, Břevenec, Dolní Sukolom, Dlouhá Loučka, and Oskava.

Dozens of residents have been rescued by firefighters in the Olomouc region, including those trapped in cars and swept away by the high flood waters. Photos and video of the flooding have been posted to the official Facebook account of HZS Olomouckého kraje.

“Torrential rains inundated not only dozens of houses and other buildings, but they also damaged the local power and transport infrastructure,” HZS spokesperson Lucie Balazova told local media this morning.

“Water pulled down a bridge in Oskava. The gas pipeline and electric lines were damaged in most of the afflicted municipalities.”

Into Monday morning, firefighters are continuing to pump water from flooded locales.

Residents of Uničov and other affected areas have been told not to leave their homes. Temporary accommodation is being provided to those who have been forced to evacuate.

“The situation is culminating now,” Uničov Mayor Radek Vincour said early this morning.

In total, firefighters reported to 160 accidents caused by the flooding in the affected areas. A third-degree flood warning is still in affect for areas by the Oskava River in Uničov.

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