Odd Czech News - March 3, 2015

The Czech Ken doll, Rabbi self-defense, and more local stories that recently made international headlines

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 03.03.2015 16:21:56 (updated on 03.03.2015) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czech model is a living Ken doll after 43 cosmetic procedures
Daily Mail, February 25 – Czech model Robert Paulat, who lives in Prague, is still in search of perfection.
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Czech porn star arrested after meth-fueled car chase
Daily Mail, February 25 – Porn star Laura Crystal (real name: Soňa Mullerova) was arrested in Prague after leading police officers on a 136 mph chase while high on meth. 
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Rabbis flock to Prague for self-defense training after attacks
RT, February 24 – Following anti-Semitic attacks in France, Jewish leaders have descended on the Czech capital for a self-defense course organized by the European Jewish Association.
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Czech woman ‘scalped’ after getting hair caught in electric drill
Yahoo News UK, February 25 – Petra Novotna, 27, was scalped after hair became caught in an electric power drill; surgeons at the University Hospital in Vinohrady rebuilt her face in a nine-hour procedure. WARNING: Graphic Photos. 
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Artificial vagina made from pig intestines rescues woman’s sex life 
Raw Story, February 20 – Doctors at the University in Plzeň surgically widened a woman’s vagina in this first-of-its-kind procedure. 
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Obese people to be treated at Prague Zoo
Mirror Online, February 7 – Because normal hospital beds are too small, Prague Zoo is slated to begin work on a special health center that would cater to the country’s growing “super obese” population. 
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Czech pilots narrowly avoid disaster at Indian air show
Washington Post, February 20 – Pilots from the Czech Republic’s Flying Bulls team managed to safely land after dangerously clipping during a mid-air stunt at an air show in Southern India. 
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“Death to vegetarians and teetotallers,” says Zeman
The Telegraph, March 2 – Czech president Miloš Zeman’s latest remarks, from a meeting of winemakers at Prague Castle, drew criticism coming a day after the mass shooting at Uherský Brod. 
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Sexy Czech hunter targeted by animal rights protesters
Mirror Online, February 24 – Czech hunter Michaela Fialova, originally from Litoměřice, has gained social media infamy after posting pictures of herself posing with dead animals on Facebook. 
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‘Ghost’ captured on camera at former Nazi concentration camp
Mirror Online, February 23 – Figure walks in front of a camera at Zámek Ostrov, which served as a concentration camp during WWII. Ghost reported. 
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Two Czechs arrested trying to smuggle reptiles out of Australia
Daily Mail, February 16 – Four men – two Czechs and two Russians – arrested in Perth after attempting to smuggle reptiles and amphibians hidden in children’s books and cigarette packets out of the country. 
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BMX racer hurtles down shopping mall escalators
Daily Mail, February 28 – Austrian BMX racer Hannes Slavik raced down the escalators at Arkady Pankrac during last month’s Arkady Downmall event, capturing the footage on a GoPro camera. 
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