New PID Lítačka feature tracks all Prague public transport journeys in real time

Users will be able to see the exact location of the buses, trams, and metros that they wish to take.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 03.07.2024 11:56:00 (updated on 03.07.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The PID Lítačka transport app for Prague and Central Bohemia has introduced a new function that allows users to track the location of buses, trams, and the metro in real time. “This will significantly simplify and make traveling around Prague and the Central Bohemia region much easier, and more efficient,” Prague Integrated Transport (PID) said.

More seamless journeys

Prague Deputy Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib said of the feature: “Passengers will have a constant overview of the current location of their connection and will be able to plan accordingly in the event of a delay.”

Councilor of the Central Bohemian Region for Transport Petr Borecký also emphasized the importance of the new feature: "In Central Bohemia , where people often have to transfer and combine different modes of transport, the ability to track connections in real time is key.” The function is also now available as a web page.

A range of new features in recent months

The new feature is part of the PID Lítačka application's continuous development, which includes the recently introduced new-generation search engine for traveling in Prague and Central Bohemian. 

The application, which was previously known for only ticket checking, now offers a wide range of functions that aim to facilitate everyday travel. One of the notable features is the option to pay for parking, as well as the ability to search for the fastest and most efficient connection using a combination of different transport options, including shared transport.

Users now newly have the option to specifically search for public transport vehicles with ramps and air conditioning, barrier-free stops at stations, and step-free access. 

Improving urban mobility

According to Luboš Kratochvíl, chairman of the board of the municipal company Operátor ICT that runs the app, PID Lítačka is focused on the future of urban mobility. "We have also included micro-mobility, such as shared bikes, in our functions. This contributes to modern and ecological travel that is environmentally friendly and convenient for users," said Kratochvíl.

The PID Lítačka application is not only popular among passengers, but it is also used by tram and bus drivers waiting to begin their shifts. "They can easily find out if their tram or bus is delayed," said the director of the regional organizer of Prague integrated transport Petr Tomčík.

The PID Lítačka application currently boasts a record number of users, with around 900,000 people in Prague and the Central Bohemian region using it every month. People have collectively used the journey-planning search tool around 21 million times in the last year.

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