New EU app helps Czech-based travelers during emergency situations abroad

Czech tourists will be able to get information about flight and ferry cancellations, weather changes, and consumer rights. Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 09.08.2023 11:22:00 (updated on 09.08.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czech tourists facing travel emergencies can now access crucial information through the “European Consumer Center (ECC)-Net: Travel” app. The application equips travelers with insights into their rights during challenging situations, encompassing accommodation problems, flight cancellations, and ferry disruptions. 

Available in different languages

The app also offers multilingual phrases to facilitate communication with foreign service providers and Czech embassies. In a press release, the European Consumer Center highlighted this app as a valuable resource for travelers. Available for free download on major app stores, such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows Phone Store, it serves as a reliable guide for navigating unforeseen travel obstacles.

Presently, storms are wreaking havoc in the Baltic Sea region, prompting the Czech Foreign Ministry to advise travelers to anticipate service disruptions and bridge closures. Travelers are urged to check relevant carrier websites in advance to stay informed. Meanwhile, wildfires are raging in parts of the Mediterranean, especially in Portugal, while floods could complicate travel plans in Slovenia.

Info on compensation

In instances where (for example) ferry crossings are canceled due to inclement weather, Ondřej Tichota, the director of the ECC for the Czech Republic, explains that passengers may not claim free hotel accommodation if the ferry is expected to depart after the storms have subsided.


If going away on holiday, consider also registering on the government's DROZD system. This makes it possible for the government to effectively provide up-to-date information on travel during emergencies. It also helps the embassy organize assistance for Czech citizens during unexpected events such as natural disasters.

This is in contrast to air, rail, or long-distance bus emergencies, where such accommodations are available. However, Tichota emphasizes that passengers across all modes of transport retain the right to complimentary refreshments corresponding to their waiting time. He says that the ECC's app provides all information regarding compensation or alternative travel means.

Tichota underscores that passengers have the right to redirection to alternative connections or fare refunds when their connections are canceled. However, withdrawing from the contract forfeits these rights, including the entitlement to refreshments and accommodations for flights.

The ECC is there to help

Additionally, the app provides guidance on vehicle rentals and medical treatment options. If resolving a situation with traders via the app proves difficult, the app offers direct contact information for the European Consumer Center, which extends free assistance.

The network of European Consumer Centers plays a pivotal role in helping customers address disputes with entrepreneurs from EU countries, Norway, and Iceland. This network, consisting of 30 consumer centers, operates under the purview of the European Commission and participating states. The Czech office functions within the Czech Trade Inspection, providing travelers with resources to navigate unforeseen challenges and assert their rights while exploring Europe.

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