Valentine’s Day gift ideas that celebrate the beauty of Czech glass

Create a uniquely personalized gift or Czech glass experience that’s from the heart with heritage brand Moser. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 02.02.2022 17:00:00 (updated on 02.02.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

This year marks the UN’s International Year of Glass, an initiative devoted to the essential role glass has and will continue to have in society. Glass is inextricably bound with the Czech Republic and many of the country’s glassmakers will be marking the occasion with special events.

Perhaps one of the most iconic glass brands not just in the Czech Republic but the world is Moser, the Czech glassworks based in Karlovy Vary. Founded in 1857 by engraver and merchant Ludwig Moser it has become one of the leading exporters of Czech glass worldwide.

One thing that makes Moser unique is its glass-coloring techniques. Named for gems like aquamarine and eldor, the basic Moser six-color palette is almost 100 years old, the result of breakthrough experiments in the late 1920s that led to the company’s signature stunning shades and contrasts.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – and to celebrate the year of glass – the heritage Czech glass brand has launched a number of exciting opportunities for the public to explore the fascinating world of Czech glassmaking.

Become a designer for a day

Moser’s newly launched “glass configurator” allows would-be glass artisans to design the perfect piece online as a Valentine’s Day gift or personal indulgence.

The Moser Configurator platform not only lets customers create their own vases, drinkware, and other striking tailor-made crystal objects but engrave personalized initials or a motif into the glass.

Moser’s artists will then blow and adorn the glass by hand according to your color and design and wrap and send the finished gift to you or an address of your choice.

For Valentine’s Day 2022 there are a number of stunning gifts to customize via the configurator tool including a crystal heart that comes in different sizes and colors as well as a champagne flute or a hand-cut vase.

For those who are located in Prague, engravers will visit the Moser store at Na Příkopě 12 from February 11-12 and will be engraving gifts for customers on the spot.

Visit the glassworks

While Covid restrictions have led to closures at glassworks around the country, Moser’s glassworks in Karlovy Vary is currently open for its “Creative Tours.” The Moser museum and café are also open.

Those who want to get a bit more hands-on with the engraving can do so as part of the above-mentioned “creative tour” which allows visitors to go behind the scenes of the glassworks, detailing the whole process of glass creation and allowing visitors to try their hand at engraving Moser glass.

The original motif that you engrave by hand on Moser crystal glass as part of the tour will be given to you as a memory of your unique experience.

The museum is included as part of the tour. Visitors will discover the glassworks’ 160-year history, from some of the first pieces created by the company to its contemporary collections, and stories of famous owners of Moser crystal.

Combining a trip to Karlovy Vary with a piece of custom crystal is sure to win hearts this Valentine’s Day.

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