Mercedes is launching a new electric luxury car on the Czech market

The German car-making giant is introducing an electric model bringing eco-friendly transport to new heights of elegance. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 04.07.2022 16:38:00 (updated on 16.05.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

The transition from the internal combustion engine to electric-powered vehicles is a long and winding road. But as European lawmakers agree to end the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035, a new electric car from Mercedes-Benz shows the potential of high-end electric models in this brave, new and eco-friendly world.

The new EQE product line from Mercedes is a prime example of innovation in the automotive sector, as the company looks to re-position itself more specifically as a luxury car brand. It comes in two models: the EQE 350+, and the more sporty EQE 43 4MATIC, a new member of the company’s renowned AMG range.

Pushing the potential of electric cars

The EQE pushes the envelope of the electric car driving experience, while solving many of the concerns often raised about the transition to electric vehicles. On a full charge the car has a range of 654 kilometers, while its new-generation battery allows a range of 180 kilometers after charging for only 15 minutes, if you need to set off in a hurry.

What’s more, users get a Mercedes me Charge card, providing them with access to a huge network of over 300,000 charging stations, including 95 percent of the Czech Republic’s public electric car charging points.

This practicality allows owners to sit back and enjoy the driving potential of the EQE to the full. The car is a slimmed-down, streamlined version of the popular EQS model, with features including innovative Digital Light headlights, which use more than 2 million adjustable micro-mirrors for enhanced road lighting while projecting lines corresponding to the width of the car for easier orientation on the road when needed.

Inside the car, the experience is one of remarkable comfort. Along with the quiet and smooth ride typically associated with electric vehicles, drivers enjoy orthopedic heated seats with a ventilation and massage function, a heated steering wheel, and state-of-the-art air conditioning which monitors outside air pollution and filters out harmful substances thanks to the HEPA filter.

“With innovative solutions for cleaner air, a more comfortable driving experience, enhanced lighting, and much more, the EQE offers a dynamic driving experience which actively contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions,” said Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for sales and marketing.

The sporty experience offered by the AMG model of the EQE can be enhanced with interior upholstery and exterior fittings, while the 350+ model can be optionally upholstered in high-quality leather.

Interactive driving experience

Adrenaline junkies should look no further than the AMG model, which can change driving characteristics at the touch of a button, ranging from a high level of driving comfort to more sporty features. These different driving modes affect parameters such as drive and power characteristics, chassis settings, power steering characteristics, and sound, with maximum power in the Sport+ mode. 

In all driving modes, putting the pedal to the metal automatically activates full power; an optional interactive engine sound is also available responding to a dozen parameters, including accelerator position and speed.

But the EQE is also about practicality. It boasts a highly advanced in-built car navigation system capable of planning the fastest and most comfortable route for your journey, incorporating charging stops and responding to traffic jams or changes in your driving style. The route-planning software also calculates the probable charging costs for any replenishments of electricity needed along the way.

This route is shown on the innovative MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) multimedia display system, a large, arched display unit stretching out in front of the driver and front passenger seat, containing three dynamic touchscreen displays under one cover glass.

“Hey Mercedes” speech recognition technology supports 27 languages, allowing touch-free interaction while driving.

Launching the new era of luxury sustainability

The EQE had its world premiere in Munich last year, and is now coming on sale in the Czech Republic. Production takes place in Bremen, Germany, and while driving the car is eco-friendly, its creation also takes place with the planet in mind. The EQE is made of 100 percent recycled steel, reducing carbon emissions from steel production for the vehicle by more than 60 percent.

“The launch of the EQE is a major milestone in our mission to develop a new generation of electric vehicles which are also fun to drive, with cutting-edge technology making every minute of the driving experience special,” said Seeger.

Anyone keen to enjoy a luxury car experience which is also mindful of the environment has a strong option in the EQE models from Mercedes. Prices for the 350+ model start at CZK 1,962,200; for the AMG model, they start at CZK 2,722,500.

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