Median pay in the Czech Republic is over CZK 36,000, with Prague salaries even higher

Just over a quarter of all people in the Czech Republic earn between CZK 30,000 and CZK 40,000.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 02.03.2021 11:17:00 (updated on 03.03.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

The gross median salary in the Czech Republic last year was CZK 36,503. This means half of employees earned approximately CZK 29,300 in net terms.

The conversion to net wages is based on the lower income tax, which has been valid from January. Last year, the median gross wage of CZK 36,503 corresponded to approximately CZK 27,200 net take home pay. Figures are from an analysis by employment site Profesia for their website

The analysis also showed that one-tenth of people receive a gross salary of less than CZK 21,066 and must therefore earn a net income of less than CZK 17,900 per month.

The distribution of wages shows that the largest group of people, at 26 percent, earn between CZK 30,000 and CZK 40,000 gross. One-tenth of people in the Czech Republic receive a gross salary of less than CZK 21,066, while 6 percent take less than CZK 20,000. On the other hand, 3 percent get CZK 85,000 or more each month, including bonuses.

The figures also revealed a gender pay gap, with men earning 26.6 percent more than women. Men had a medium wage of CZK 46,478 and women CZK 36,730.

The best paid positions were in top management, with CEO at CZK 161,899 followed by country manager at CZK 145,455. IT director, financial director, sales director, executive director, and marketing director all had salaries over CZK 100,000 per month. It architect, logistics director, logistics and freight pilot, and technical director took home between CZK 90,00 and CZK 100,000.

The lowest paid positions include porter, sewing, a security guard, a textile cutter, cleaner or a kitchen assistant. These positions have salaries of CZK 17,000 to CZK 19,000.

The salary level in Prague is higher than that in other regions. “In recent years, however, some other large agglomerations are starting to catch up with it – despite the fact that the headquarters of many companies and multinational companies still remain in Prague, where salary is generally higher,” the authors of the study said.

The median wage in Prague is CZK 42,989. One-tenth of the highest paid employees earn CZK 72,801 here, but 10 percent of people have an average gross salary of CZK 24,809.

“Most employees, 21 percent, fall into the wage band between CZK 42,000 and CZK 46,000, while 12 percent of people fall into the neighboring wage bands, so they earn CZK 38,000 to CZK 42,000 or CZK 42,000 to CZK 46,000,” the authors of the study said.

In three other regions, median gross wage sare around CZK 35,000: in the South Moravia they are CZK 35,213, in the Plzeň region CZK 35,124, and Central Bohemia CZK 34,807. The lowest are in the Karlovy Vary region at CZK 29,594 and the Olomouc region at CZK 29,996.

The biggest difference between Prague and the rest of the country is in the highest salary category. While in Prague those who earn the highest have an average salary over CZK 70,000 a month, in other regions they fit in the range of CZK 50,000 to CZK 60,000. The Karlovy Vary and Olomouc regions are again at the bottom, with top salaries reaching around CZK 50,000.

The median is the mean value of all monitored wages, if sorted by size, it indicates a wage that half the people don’t achieve, while the other half earns more.

According to experts, the median wage is a better indication of real conditions. The average wage is higher because it is biased upwards by the values of very high salaries of a small group of people, mostly top managers.

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