Prague launches its free bikesharing program for transit pass holders today

A pilot project will see Prague's public transport system link up with bikesharing apps via the Lítačka pass. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 11.10.2021 14:26:00 (updated on 14.07.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

In a pilot project launching in the Czech capital on Tuesday, October 11, holders of a Lítačka transport pass will be able to use shared bikes in Prague for 15-minute time periods up to four times a day.

“The connection of shared bicycles with a public transport pass works in many foreign cities, so I see no reason why we cannot offer this Lítačka bonus to Praguers too,” said Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib. "Bicycles are a useful addition to the city’s transport system, especially for medium- and short-distance journeys."

As well as facilitating convenient hop-on and hop-off trips over short distances, city leaders are interested in gauging public appetite for a more sustainable and active way of commuting through Prague.

“Taking care of the city is not just about repairing roads, sidewalks and tram lines, or building new infrastructure. We have to try new things, especially when similar schemes abroad are working so successfully,” said Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Transport.

The use of bikes rose significantly in Prague during the pandemic. As a result, City Hall announced a record investment in new cycling infrastructure earlier this year, with CZK 370 million to be spent on new trails, design work, and studies for further developments.

The number of conventional and e-bikes in the city increased as people took up cycling as a means of transport as well as for leisure purposes.

By integrating bike-sharing into the Lítačka public transport offer, city leaders hope to find out whether this newfound passion for cycling will continue in the post-pandemic era, and whether even more interest can be encouraged in the long term.

To rent a bike, Lítačka owners should download the mobile app for one of the two shared bike services offered in Prague: Rekola and Nextbike. For the first rental, users will have to link their bike-sharing app account with their user account in the Lítačka system. Detailed instructions can be found on the PID website.

Once the Lítačka and bikesharing accounts are linked, shared bikes can be used for the first 15 minutes free of charge, allowing Lítačka owners to make short trips within the city without using conventional public transport. Four separate free quarter-of-an-hour sessions are allowed per day.

The city has yet to confirm the end date of the pilot project but says it will alert the public in advance. Uptake for the new service will subsequently be evaluated and a decision made on its long-term integration into Prague’s integrated public transport system.

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