Let Your Languages Land You a Job!

Prague’s sixth annual Bilingual People Fair helps job seekers who speak two or more languages

Joann Plockova

Written by Joann Plockova Published on 15.05.2014 14:21:16 (updated on 15.05.2014) Reading time: 3 minutes

Update 2018 – Average job salaries by sector in the Czech Republic

Freelance Teachers and Private school Teachers

Role Min EUR Max EUR
Freelance Language Teacher 8 (per hour) 20 (per hour - business level)
Private School Teacher 750 1200

IT & Telecommunications

Role Min EUR Max EUR
IT Administration/ Operations 1400 2200
Technical Support (Team leader) 1800 2500
Development (3-5 years experience) 2000 4000
IT Consulting - ERP consultant 2200 3200


Role Min KČ Max KČ
Project Management - Delivery Manager 75,000 110,000
R&D - Test Engineer 29,000 40,000
Manufacturing - Product Supervisor 23,000 40,000
Purchasing & Logistics - Transport Coordinator 29.000 36,000
Technical Sales - Support 29,000 36,000

Sales, Retail & Marketing

Role Min EUR Max EUR
Sales representative (1-3 years experience) 900 1800
Retail - Department Manager 900 1400

Banking & Financial Services

Role Min EUR Max EUR
Banking - Corporate Banker 1100 2200
Finance & Accounting - Financial Analyst 1300 1900
Tax Consultancy & Audit - Auditor (up to 3 years experience) 900 1400


Role Min EUR Max EUR
Marketing - Online Marketing Specialist 1300 1800

Customer Service / SSC / BPO Services

Role Min EUR Max EUR
Customer Service - Order Entry Clerk with Languages 900 1100
Sales - Inbound Telesales with Languages 900 1600
Technical Support - Level 1 1100 1300
Procurement - Manager 1800 2900
HR - Payroll Practitioner 900 1300
Finance - AP Analyst 900 1000

Looking for a job in the Czech Republic?


Do you speak an additional language or two? Are you looking for work in Customer Service, IT, Marketing, or another sector? You can, of course, keep searching the classifieds and blindly sending your CV to various companies, but it always helps to meet potential employers face-to-face. On May 24th you will have that opportunity. Now in its sixth year, Prague’s Bilingual People recruitment fair is scheduled to be held at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague 9.

As in past years, the 2014 iteration of the event is expecting over fifteen companies and recruitment agencies to attend. Including both local and international companies, those on the current roster include Expedia, Top Language Jobs, Bluelink International, and Germany’s ZIW GmbH.

If you speak French, German, Dutch, or any of the Nordic languages, you’re at a distinct advantage as Elsa Thumerel, Bilingual People’s Digital Events and Marketing Coordinator says these particular EU languages are currently in high demand. Although the event recruits in a variety of sectors, Ms. Thumerel notes that the sectors most looking for bilingual employees include Sales, Customer Service, IT, Marketing, and Travel/Tourism.

Attracting both Czechs looking for work abroad and expats, the ratio of attendees is about 30% versus 70% with the event attracting an average number of 2,500 to 3,000 jobseekers each year. It of course pays to be prepared. “Don’t forget that this is a recruitment day, and that you will meet recruiters face-to-face,” advises Ms. Thumerel, “Even though [the event] is on a Saturday, I would recommend that you dress smart to smart casual, bring printed copies of your CV [there is a QR codes system that will be in use, but not all companies will be utilizing it], and smile.”

No need to worry though, past recruiters have expressed positive feedback with comments including “We have collected about 200 CVs. Out of those I can work with 120 approximately,” or “The candidates also had very good language skills that we need for our positions.”

In addition to the opportunity to meet and even interview with companies, the fair will also include a series of talks from various professionals in the language recruitment industry with information and inspiration to help you on the road to finding your language dream job.

Registration, which is free, is required beforehand via the Bilingual People website. You’ll be asked to upload your CV. The event will take place from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Bonne chance, glück, hodně štěstí, and good luck!



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