What do Czechs give on Valentine's Day? Jewelry, flowers, and thrills

About one in three Czechs say they will celebrate the Feb. 14 holiday, with almost 40 percent of people set to buy flowers or sweets as a gift.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 13.02.2024 12:38:00 (updated on 13.02.2024) Reading time: 1 minute

One-third of Czechs plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this Wednesday, with the majority (36 percent) choosing to give their partners flowers and confectionery as gifts.

According to a recent study conducted by online retailer Alza.cz, 10 percent of respondents plan to purchase jewelry for Valentine's Day this year, while another 9 percent intend to give a voucher or experience as a gift. Additionally, around 20 percent of people will be presenting their partners with other types of gifts.

The research also revealed that 14 percent of respondents plan to purchase sex toys as Valentine's Day presents, while 11 percent prefer to give perfumes and cosmetics. About one-quarter of the Pink Elephant sex shop's yearly sales are connected with the lovers' holiday, according to its director. Those buying erotic-aid gifts are expected to spend an average of between CZK 1,200 and CZK 1,500.

According to Chief Economist of Trinity Bank Lukáš Kovanda, Czechs have increased their Valentine’s Day spending by about 550 percent in the past 10 years. 

However, not all Czechs are on board with the holiday. The survey also revealed that 31 percent of respondents do not celebrate Valentine’s Day due to its overly commercial nature.

Valentine's Day also drives up voucher demand on the Slevomat.cz server, which offers discounted services and holiday stays. Director of Slevomat.cz Ladislav Veselý stated that customers seek festive dinners, tasting menus, and private spa rentals. On average, people spend around CZK 900 on a restaurant visit and CZK 7,500 on Valentine's Day stays.

The legend of St. Valentine, a bishop who died as a martyr in the third century, is the holiday's origin. He is said to have supported young couples and encouraged men to stay with their wives instead of going to war.

The Glami.cz e-shop has also seen an increase in sales, with a 30 percent rise in demand for jewelry and a 5 percent increase in women's underwear sales. Manager Eliška Hynková noted that customers are also searching for men's rings, with a 70 percent increase in demand compared to previous years.

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