International Gift Ideas 2010

Hot tips for international gifts and where to get them

Ryan Scott

Written by Ryan Scott Published on 25.11.2010 15:07:34 (updated on 25.11.2010) Reading time: 5 minutes

After a look at Czech gift ideas from local designers and manufacturers we provide you with tips for top international gifts and how to get them in the Czech Republic.

For Kids

One of the main gifts are the Sing-a-Ma-Jigs the latest development in speaking /singing plush toys. These brightly coloured rabbits or bears make a series of noises when you press their tummies, sure to entertain the tots and test their nerves of their parents. Again your best bet is Amazon.

It’s not Christmas without Lego, though Lego seems to have changed a bit since I was little. While the little yellow headed people and the bricks can still be found. It now seems mostly very high tech. The latest range to continue this trend is Hero Factory, which replaces the Bionic line. And if that means nothing you, like me you probably haven’t played with Lego in a while.

Price and delivery times to the Czech Republic can be found here. You can also try Sparky’s (Havířská 2, off na Příkopě). They had the small to large sets from 229 – 499 CZK)

The other star of Christmas  at least among the young, must be Barbie. This year, the idol of little girls and bane of gender studies majors is also in available at Sparky’s. The ordinary Barbies’ go for about 249 CZK up to 1999 CZK for a doll with a built in camera. There is also an edition to tie in with Toy Story 3 for 749 CZK.

Just cause kids are small doesn’t mean that can’t ride in style. Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike comes in a range of colours and weighs about 10 kgs (22.5 pounds) and is also picked as one of the top toys for tots this year. Unfortunately, it is only available through Amazon US.     

Teen Boys

Topping the list of pixellated goodies this year is Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is available for the Playstation 3, Xbox and Wii. The game is billed as Call of Duty’s first Cold War themes game. It continues the same high quality of realism as previous titles in this series.

Trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops:

For Xboxers, Halo Reach gives you another opportunity for high-res hell raising. This time, players are part of a crack team of super soldiers, who continue to battle the alien Covenant.

Trailer for Halo Reach:

Both games can be ordered from and Play Centrum. They are also currently available at Bontonland for 1699 CZK and 1500 CZK respectively. Gamespace in the Palladium has both for 1699 CZK.

If the teenage son you have in mind would rather watch the screen than interact with it, there are a few DVDs due out in the months before Christmas. All four series of the US superhero themed show Heroes have been released in a single box set and is available through Amazon for £59.99 (approx. 1750 CZK).

Musically, hot tips are the new release form Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or fellow rapper Ghostface Killah’s The Apollo Kids. They were not available in the stores at the time of writing, but should be out before by December. Otherwise West is available from Amazon for £8.93 pounds (approx. 260 CZK) as for the Killah, you’ll just have to wait until December 14th.
Teen Girls

Having never been a teenage girl, nor currently the father of own, I had to go elsewhere for advice. When it comes to fashion it seems that fedora hats are in and Miu Miu bags, at least according to ElleGirl, the younger sister of Elle Magazine.

For the less fashion conscious, one of the top gifts for teenage girls will be the new film Eclipse, the third in the Twilight series. The film will be released December 4th. It should be about 399 CZK for the DVD and 699 CZK for the Blu-Ray at Bontonland or Sony Centers. 

Another popular gift is the Fujifilm Finbe Pix Z35 10MP Digital Camera, which comes in a range of colours, like purple, green and blue and retails for £72.69 (approx. 2110 CZK) Another cool looking camera is the Panosonic Lumix, available at FotoŠkoda for 3 890 CZK, also in a range of colours.

In the music department, there are two possible releases which are likely to make good gifts. If the teenage girl is more oreinted toward pop and commercial music, Pink’s Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, out November 16th is bound to please. Bontonland had plenty in stock for 399 CZK. If the girl in mind prefers wearing dark eye make up and frowning, then My Chemical Romances’ Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys released late November just might raise a smile, or at least a smirk of approval. If it’s not available locally, Amazon have it for £8.93 pounds (approx. 260 CZK).   


One of the top scents for women this year was Giorgio Armani Code Woman. The scent is said to have notes of “orange, ginger, sandalwood, and even honey.” It is available from Marionnaud for 1570 CZK for 30 ml bottle. (I also spied it at the Marionnaud in the Pasáž Myslbek on special for 1070 CZK.)         

If the idea of acupuncture is too frightening because of the needles, TheraMatoffers an alternative. Woven into the mat are 11 500 small platic spikes or ‘bliss points’. This is another top gift which you will have to order from the website.

Sex and the City 2 is also available at Bontonland or Sony Centers for 399 CZK(DVD)  or 699 CZK(Blu-Ray).


So that he can trim after all the seasonal indulgence, there is Everlast Multi Function Chinning Bar. The bar can be placed in a door way for chin ups or on the ground for pushups. It is available from Amazon US.                 

For the outdoor type, Salewa have released the Bison Trek GTX for men at Hudy Sport for 4640 CZK. The boot comes quite highly recommended.

If your looking for something more indoors, how about Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium for Men. It is available from Prodej Parfémů.cz for 1620 CZK for 100 ml.    


One gift making the top of most lists is the so-called Kindle 3 which comes with two types of connectivity, Wi-Fi (£139 or aprrox. 4050 CZK) or Free 3G and Wi-Fi(£189 or approx. 5500 CZK). Amazon, of course, is the main distributor.

Just in time for Christmas to make our third generation obsolete is the Fourth Generation iPod Touch. It is also available through Amazon for £288.54 (approx. 8400 CZK.)

Top among the cameras is the Flip UltraHD. Stylish hand-held camera with lost of accessories, including a bicycle helmet mounting (sold separately) brings added professionalism to your home movies. So now, we can get a better picture of you on YouTube. This is also avaialble through Amazon US for $179.00 (approx. 3 230 CZK).  

Michael Jackson’s Michael, out just before Christmas on the 14th December. The album is apparently previously unreleased material. A teaser called “Breaking News” was made available on-line.

Happy gift shopping and Veselé Vánoce! 😉

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