Impossible N'est Pas Français

or There's No Such Word As Can't Staff

Written by Staff Published on 06.05.2011 11:26:13 (updated on 06.05.2011) Reading time: 1 minute

Impossible N’est Pas Français or
There’s No Such Word As Can’t

written and performed
by Lucy Hopkins

Malostranská beseda – Trick Bar
Malostranské naměstí 21
Malá Strana, Praha 1

Friday 27/05 – Saturday 04/06 19:00

A dark and funny tale that links five aspects of one woman’s human condition.

Once upon a time, there was an English woman living in London trying to make Art. She stitched fanciful garments, photographed the light falling over the city and created wonderful parties. One day, she met a tall dark Spanish actor who was moving to Paris, and ran off with him. Paris was fantastical and foreign. She studied the mysterious art of making theatre from a wizened old clown; discovered the mysterious pleasures of living outside of her homeland and got punched in the face by the mysterious workings of the heart. In response, the woman made a show. And sometimes it was funny when perhaps it shouldnʼt have been, and other times, it was a bit dark.

Impossible Nʼest Pas Français or Thereʼs No Such Word As Canʼt is a show that weaves together five tales spun by five very different characters. Thereʼs the Hag, bitter and twisted and free, the Storyteller, trying to find her way to the end of her tale, the Ingénue, hopeful and ridiculous, the Thinker, and the passionate Inamorata. Little by little as they reveal themselves a story appears, a story about love and hope, life, death and being alone.

British artist Lucy Hopkins moved to Paris in 2004 where she spent three years studying at L’Ecoles Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier. Her work draws from the best of performance art, storytelling and physical theatre to create original and engaging performances. Impossible Nʼest Pas Français or Thereʼs No Such Word As Canʼt is her first solo show.

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