Five Hot Summer Accessories

Easy to find in Prague!

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 07.06.2011 13:45:21 (updated on 07.06.2011) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague is the place to shop for romantic summer jewelry and more.
A number of this season´s way-back-inspired styles are well-represented on the racks of Prague´s second-hand shops – and not just because they´re vintage: summer´s essential accessories specifically hearken back to the Art Deco, boho look of Czechoslovak yesteryear. Search for these perfect summer accents at one of Prague´s purveyors of things past – or in your mother-in-law´s closet.

Oversized stones
Super-sized earrings, necklaces, and rings of Cabochon-style stones win style points all summer long. And lucky for you, the costume jewelry tradition in Prague stretches back 300 years. Pick up something garnet, muscovite, or amber at an antique jewelry store like Galerie Art Deco. For new pieces buy Jablonex at one of Prague´s old-guard department stores, Kotva or Dům Módy. Some less obvious places to buy jewelry: Le Patio Lifestyle, and the museum shops, particularly The Museum of Decorative Arts and the National Museum.

Photo: Etsy

Cat-eye sunglasses
Feline eyewear is fashionable yet again. While a pair of classic Audrey Hepburn cat eyes in black or brown with a delicately scooped frame never misses, this season´s shades tend to be oversized, arched, and color-charged. Another popular sunglasses shape is round. Think Lennon-esque wire-rim specs or go for an even thicker, more vibrant silhouette. Fru Fru and Bohemian Retro have a nice selection of retro frames from simple to outrageous.

Photo: Bohemian Retro


Leather satchels
If you´ve lived in Prague for any length of time then surely you are acquainted with the European carry-all, the man purse or “murse”, if you will, sported by elderly gentleman and available in a variety of shapes and sizes from rectangular with a flap close and long strap to square with a tidy buckle. Secondhand shops are the best place to start. Laly Vintage and the boutiques mentioned above also stock a nice assortment. And if you want to cheat, Zara has a surprising number of bohemian-look messenger and shoulder bags.

Photo: Zara

Gypsy queen headbands
Forget about the 80’s prom bow-tie headband and opt for a hair accessory that lies low on the crown and features flowers or gems, woven leather straps or adjustable elastic–and could possibly double as a necklace. Taking your cues from a Mucha painting, you might also opt for turbans and rolled scarves to affect a romantic, nice-and-easy summertime look. Designer Jane Bond makes headbands for every style, available at her Etsy shop and the Czech equivalent,

Photo: Etsy




Vintage-look hats
Wide-brimmed and floppy hats, the trilby, flat caps, bucket-shaped retro sun hats and everything in between are a must for keeping out harmful rays and locking down sweet style. Look for hats with floral details or prints in breathable materials like sisal and straw. Czech manufacturer Tonak has been crafting hats for centuries and their flagship store on Wenceslas Square is a hat lover´s dream. The modistes at Družstvo Model Praha specialize in hats for her and will actually make one to fit your specifications for a very reasonable price.

Photo: Tonak

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