Extinction Rebellion warns of the poor condition of Czech forests

The Extinction Rebellion warns of untenable management of Czech forests, which have been destroyed on a massive scale due to the drought and a bark-beetle outbreak


Written by ČTK Published on 24.09.2019 07:42 (updated on 24.09.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

Brno/Prague, Sept 23 (CTK) – Representatives of the Czech branch of the Extinction Rebellion environmental movement performed the Burial of Our Forests to the sounds of funeral music at the namesti Svobody square, watched by tens of onlookers, and held in Brno and another four towns of the Czech Republic today.

The Extinction Rebellion warns of untenable management of Czech forests, which have been destroyed on a massive scale due to the drought and a bark-beetle outbreak in the past five years, organiser Veronika Holznerova said.

The activists brought several dried-out trees attacked by the barkbeetle and funeral candles to the Brno square.

A funeral march then walked through the town to another square where several speakers addressed the crowd.

“The objective is to warn of the critical state of the drought in the forests, of the unsuitable management which is orientated to gain instead of the health of the forests,” Holznerova said.

“Last but not least, there is a warning of the climate change, which has resulted in long-lasting droughts and heats,” she added.


“This state of affairs demands a new approach to the forest management, with a focus on the health and viability of the woods,” Holznerova said.

The Burial of Our Forests implied the building of a symbolic dead wood from several dried-out trees at Prague’s namesti Republiky square late in the afternoon. There was also a march through the town that was to warn of the forests drying due to climate change.

Similar events were also held in Liberec, north Bohemia, Vsetin, central Moravia, and Plzen, west Bohemia.

Tens of marchers were carrying four dried-out trees and bundles of dried-out branches. The procession was headed by six figures in red vestments symbolising the extinction of fauna and flora species.

For several years, the Czech Republic has been tackling a bark-beetle outbreak, the worst in the history of Czech forest management.

In September, the Chamber of Deputies enacted an amendment to the forest law that is to speed up and simplify the fight against the calamity. The legislation introduces the rules for state contributions to the forest renewal to be paid to private forest owners.

The movement has welcomed the legislation, but still it considers it insufficient. It also support the appeal Let Us Save Forests, so far signed by over 62,000 people.

The events are parts of the Autumn Rebellion, a series of protests, to culminate in the Great Rebellion for Life in Prague on October 12.




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