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Plans for Private-Public Screenings of AN ISLAND unveiled

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 17.02.2011 10:52:03 (updated on 17.02.2011) Reading time: 1 minute

Vincent Moon & Efterklang unveil plans for Private-Public Screenings of AN ISLAND


AN ISLAND is an unconventional music performance film and an abstract documentary about a band and an island.

In August 2010, French filmmaker Vincent Moon and Efterklang’s 8 piece-live band met up on an island off the Danish coast. The objective was to shoot a film that was the same length as an album, and full of performances, experiments and collaborations.

Over an intense period of four days Efterklang collaborated with more than 200 local musicians, kids and parents, creating new performances and interpretations of songs from their album Magic Chairs (4AD, 2010). It was documented by Vincent Moon who also conducted several filmic and musical experiments with Efterklang as his dedicated playmates.

: We value An Island as much as we value our albums. We are so proud to be part of this and can’t wait for it to premier
Vincent Moon: An Island is not similar to any other film I have done with bands or artists. This is a collaboration on a deeper level. I´m hoping this film can push the boundaries between images and sounds, resulting in a hybrid, a film in between genres.

The running time is 50 minutes.
Press photos: www.anisland.cc/home/photos

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