10 easy autumn day trips from Prague

Colorful, cozy, contented. Here's how to experience autumn (a.k.a the season of the soul) in the Czech Republic.

Charlotte Spears

Written by Charlotte Spears Published on 22.09.2022 15:22:00 (updated on 11.10.2022) Reading time: 4 minutes

A gentle divide between the vibrant summer and crisp winter, the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful places to experience this season.

Here we have compiled a handful of easy autumnal day trips and activities to soothe your inner being, and also indulge a little of the Halloween spirit.

Botanicus Garden and Craft Center

Botanicus Eshop e-shop 09-2022      DSC_7316
Photo from the Botanicus website

Medieval-style markets and traditional crafts await you at Botanicus.

Here you can try your hand at workshops ranging from pottery sculpture to archery classes to gingerbread decoration. 

Saturdays are for celebrations, with theatrical and musical performances, delicious food served in the banquet hall, and plenty of spiced wine. 

On-site is a charming natural cosmetic shop selling soaps, body butters, and essential oils, all created with organic plants and herbs grown on the farm.

Botanicus Ostra village 09-2022        DSC_2456
Botanicus village in Ostra

The Craft center and gardens will be open until Sunday, Oct. 30, and will close with a special Halloween-themed event.

Dýňová Farma BYKOŠ

Dýňová Farma BYKOŠ
Dýňová Farma BYKOŠ

On the subject of Halloween, a 45-minute drive from the center is Dýňová Farma BYKOŠ, an adorable pumpkin patch that has been growing pumpkins for more than 20 years.

They have a beautiful array of colourful pumpkins, both edible and decorative, to fulfill any autumnal Instagram post. Pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie are on the menu, and there are goats, rabbits, and chickens to keep the children entertained.

Český Ráj

Český Ráj
Český Ráj

Hiking in the autumn is a wonderful way to experience the season. An easy autumn day trip from Prague is Český ráj. So-called "Bohemian Paradise," it's a beautiful nature reserve with spectacular towering rock formations.

Winding through the forest is a multitude of interesting and varied hikes. You can follow the path above and visit the viewpoints to see the blooming colours of the forest up high. Or follow the path below and see Prachovské skály towering above you.

Levandula Bohemia

Levandula bohemia
Levandula bohemia

Levandula Bohemia is home to the largest organic valley in Europe. Fragrant fialová fields in Chodoun focus on the healing elements of lavender.

The valley has a holistic approach to the herb and its spa offers treatments such as massages and aromatherapy. They also produce lavender teas, lemonades, and honey for you to enjoy at home.

Perfume workshops and romantic dinners in the fields are also available to book, and there is even a cozy tiny house to spend the night.

Levandula Bohemia is a scented lilac paradise for the lavender lover.

Tetín Farmer's Market

Wrap up in your favorite autumn scarf and visit the Tetín Farmer's Market (Sept. 24). An easy day trip from Prague, the market is stuffed with delicious meats, wines, and pastries. The Farm Shop offers fresh eggs, milk, and a variety of cheeses for you to stock your fridge with at home.

The farmer’s market is quite an event, they’ll be live music, a barbeque, and a raffle, and they provide planned activities for children all day. There’s parking on-site and a free bus runs from nearby Tetín and Beroun.

Bohemian Karst

Photo via Pixabay
Photo via Pixabay

Once you’ve had your fill of music and barbeque, pack your bag with some of those tasty locally produced goods (maybe a bottle of that sweet burčák), and take to enjoy in the nearby Bohemian Karst nature reserve.

This area is perfect for hiking and features gorges, canyons, and caves. It is simply bursting with colour in autumn and has a wonderful array of pathways and trails to hike through.

Velká Amerika

Velká Amerika
Velká Amerika

One of those trails will lead you to Lom Velká Amerika, a flooded quarry popular with filmmakers for its striking appearance.

Jagged rocks encircle a pool of clear water, and you’ll find a yellow-marked trail dotted through the trees taking you around the top of the quarry. This nature spot is exceptional for photos and has several viewpoints perfect for just that. 

Koněpruské Jeskyně

Koněpruské Jeskyně
Koněpruské Jeskyně

Autumn brings cooler evenings and with it the beginning of spooky season. Koněpruské caves are one of many caves in the Czech Republic and this one is right in Bohemian Karst.

The dark and dripping corridors lined with stalagmites and stalactites span over 2,000 metres, making it the largest cave system in Bohemia. Archaeologists have found skeletal remains and tools dating back to the Early Stone Age.

The caves are open for the whole of September and October between 8 am and 4 pm. We can only assume the early close is because it just gets too creepy at night.

Cidrerie Kliment

Cidrerie Kliment
Cidrerie Kliment

Apples are the classic fruit of autumn. The Czech Republic, although famed for its beer, has several cider productions sprinkled around the country. One of which is Cidrerie.

You’ll find this spot on the way to Karlštejn Castle, it has a light and airy indoor space and a garden area for cider tastings. They don’t serve food but do on occasion host pop-up restaurants, and you are always welcome to bring your own snacks.

Getting there is easy, you can take the train from Hlavní Nádraží or Prague Smíchov to Všenory, it’s then just a short walk from there.

Karlštejn Wine Festival

Sunset over Karelstejn Castle / iStock
Sunset over Karelstejn Castle / iStock: Egeris

Fancy visiting a medieval wine tasting with lute players and a jester frolicking in the background? Karlštejnské Vinobraní has exactly this. From Sept. 24-25 the Karlštejn Castle will be accommodating knights, magicians, and performing artists in duels, trickery, and dancing. Wine and beer will be plentiful throughout a packed Middle-Ages-themed program.

Even more ideas for activities and outings can be found on our website. We hope that your autumn is filled with hot drinks, crunching leaves, and exciting trips around our favorite country!

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