Dickens Asks for More

Michael McEvoy returns to the Fringe Festival Praha

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Dickens Asks for More

Written and performed by Michael McEvoy
Directed by Jennifer McEvoy

Dickens Asks for More presents a delightful array of the most vivid, surprising and entertaining of Dickens´ unforgettable creations. In viewing this gallery of “sketches” we find they hang together as witnesses to some of the most important social changes that took place in Victorian England.

Dickens encouraged, and occasionally initiated, these changes by forcing his readers to look up from his books, to see beyond their immediate environment, and to confront the injustices occurring in the society around them. In opening his readers´ eyes to harsh reality, Dickens became an agent of change in Victorian England.

The sweatshops, the forced labour, the starvation wages, the child slavery have not gone away. The half-starved child creating an intricate, hand-stitched garment for a pittance is no longer two or three streets away from the eventual wearer, but a continent or two. In a global economy, Dickens still has a relevant message. Dickens´ world is our world still.

Dickens was steeped in theatre. He knew how to put a point across to an audience, using the traditions of both comedy and tragedy to maximum effect. This solo performance, displaying Charles Dickens´ most fantastical, comical and larger-than-life creations, is brim-full of both.


Dickens Asks for More was first seen at the International Performing Arts Festival in Lahore in 2008:

“The audience was enthralled by McEvoy’s ability to capture the essence of the world famous works of Dickens. Moving through the various characters with an ease born of years of practice, he managed to maintain an acute balance between comic relief and pathos. Changing voices and tone, he made the viewers realize that the theatre was truly a powerful thing, even if a solitary performer occupied the stage. At the conclusion of the performance, the audience gave way to thundering applause.” Ali Usman, Lahore Daily Times.

“The biggest success of the show was in the mental images it managed to conjure up: the conversation between Pip and the escaped prisoner is as if both are there on the stage at the same time… a wonderful impersonation of Scrooge…” Sabizak Theatre Blog.

Tuesday 31st May – Saturday 4th June 2011. 20.30 – 21.30
A Studio Rubin, Makostranske namesti 9, Mala Strana, Praha 1.

This is Michael´s fourth year at the Prague Fringe Festival. His previous productions have been Not in My Name! – The Trial of Niccolo Machiavelli, The Last Man in Europe – A Portrait of George Orwell and An Act of Will – The Secret Life of William Shakespeare. He has performed these in the UK and around the world.

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