Czechs Book Flight to France, End Up in Serbia

This isn’t Nice! According a Slovak tabloid, a group of Czechs planning a French holiday inadvertently ended up in Niš, Serbia

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 16.12.2016 09:36:21 (updated on 16.12.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

It’s always good advice to double-check the pesky little details before making those travel plans.

According to the Slovak tabloid, a group of Czechs were in for a world of disappointment after booking a holiday to the French resort town of Nice. 

They took advantage of a new RyanAir route leaving from Bratislava. Only problem: the new route was to Niš, Serbia, not Nice, France.

The mistake was only noticed upon arrival at the “cloudy, damp, and cold” Serbian locale.

“We’re not in France?” they purportedly asked the flight crew.

“What are we going to do now?”

While the group had already booked a hotel in the correct destination of Nice, the next available flight was leaving Niš in five days.

An update to the story reports that the Czechs rented a car, drove to Sofia, and took a flight to Barcelona in the hopes of saving their vacation.

A note of caution about this little news item: despite being picked up by reputable sources such as, given the lack of any names or verifiable details, it’s most likely a fabrication, albeit an entirely plausible one. Just a little holiday poke in the ribs from editors at the Slovak tabloid to their Czech neighbors.


But who lets the truth get in the way of a good story?

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