The Czech Republic's longest ski slope debuts in Dolní Morava

The winter resort, also known for its record-long suspension footbridge, has unveiled a 3.7-kilometer long ski slope that ranks as the country's longest. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 10.12.2023 13:28:00 (updated on 10.12.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Winter sports resort Dolní Morava, famed for its record-long suspension footbridge and expansive Sky Walk lookout tower has just unveiled their latest attraction: the longest continuous ski slope in the Czech Republic, which stretches over an impressive 3.7 kilometers.

The newly-launched slope allows skiers to traverse from the highest point of the resort's Slamník peak down to the lower area of U Slona in one continuous run. This milestone comes as an extension of the Vyhlídková slope, initially opened in 2018, which aimed to bring together the two sections of the bisected mountain center.

"We are presenting it to skiers in this form for the first time," Dolní Morava spokesperson Šárka Braunerová tells "In the U Slona complex, children can also enjoy entertainment in the form of the Snow Fun Trail with play elements, flaps, terrain waves and two tunnels of 8 and 12 meters in length."

The new slope is now not only longer but also wider, providing an enhanced skiing experience. The slope is meticulously designed, with a width of at least 25 meters, ensuring plenty of space and incorporating all necessary protective safety features. During the primary season, skiers can enjoy a network of 10.4 kilometers of interconnected slopes catering to various difficulty levels across the resort.

Despite this season's notable new addition improvement, the Dolní Morava resort has maintained the same price level as the previous season. The cost of a one-day ski pass at the venue starts at CZK 690, with variable pricing based on area occupancy and seasonality.

The ski resort is also gearing up to enhance the overall experience for visitors, introducing a children's playroom in the first half of December. This initiative aims to provide a relaxing and enjoyable space for children to unwind and have fun while their parents hit the slopes.

With 60 centimeters of snow in Dolní Morava at the moment and favorable weather conditions, the winter sports season is fully underway at the resort, with a diverse range of winter activities including downhill and cross-country skiing.

Neighboring areas are also preparing for the ski season, with resorts in Buková hora, Česká Třebová, Přívrat, and Polička readying their slopes for skiing enthusiasts. The ski season is officially underway in the Czech Republic, bringing joy to winter sports lovers across the country.

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