Bundle up! Czechia braces for arctic conditions and sub-zero daytime temps this week

As Czechia faces frigid conditions – Prague will see minus 12 degrees Celsius – officials are calling on people to protect against frost bite.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 08.01.2024 10:04:00 (updated on 08.01.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Daytime temperatures in Czechia will stay below freezing throughout almost the whole of this week, with some parts of the country seeing temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius this morning. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has issued a severe frost warning for Prague from this evening until Thursday, with temperatures in the capital expected to dip to around minus 12 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

The whole of Czechia last night welcomed a cold front. Temperatures this morning in Prague hovered around minus 9 degrees Celsius, whereas parts of the Hradec Králové region saw temperatures sink to as low as minus 13 degrees. Mountainous parts of Czechia, such as Sněžka and Orlické hory, registered temperatures of around minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Today, temperatures in the capital will reach a daytime high of minus 6 degrees Celsius. Monday night will see temperatures dip to minus 10 degrees, with similar temperatures Tuesday morning.

The winter chill on Tuesday will be similar to that on Monday. Praguers can expect a particularly chilly morning, with temperatures of around minus 11 degrees Celsius forecast. During the day, temperatures in the capital will peak at minus 4 degrees Celsius. Ostrava and Liberec will have the coldest temperatures tomorrow, at minus 8 degrees in the afternoon.

A cold morning awaits Czechia on Tuesday. Photo: Screengrab from
A cold morning awaits Czechia on Tuesday. Photo: Screengrab from Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ)

Almost all the country will see its coldest weather of the week on Wednesday morning. As well as Prague seeing temperatures of minus 12 degrees, Ostrava is set to register minus 14 degrees Celsius. Brno will get temperatures of about minus 10 degrees Celsius. Although the weather will warm up as the day progresses, temperatures will again remain below zero – hovering between minus 2 and minus 4 degrees in Czechia’s major cities.

Thursday is set to be noticeably warmer in Prague, with temperatures reaching around freezing during the day after a chilly morning of temperatures around minus 7 degrees Celsius. Thursday night will see temperatures go down to around minus 5 degrees. 

Meteorologists predict a slight warming on Friday when a cold front is expected to pass. However, they also caution that snow and snowdrifts may still occur in some mountainous areas and the east of the country. Similar to Thursday, Prague will see maximum daytime temperatures of around freezing, and morning/night temperatures of around minus 4 degrees Celsius. 

The weekend will see temperatures edge above zero in Prague, with Sunday bringing the warmest temperature of the week, at 4 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Although no significant snowfall is forecast in Prague this week, strong gusts of around 30 kilometers per hour are expected during the weekend.

The ČHMÚ has warned against frostbite during this freezing week. It says that it is crucial for citizens – especially young children, the elderly, and those who are sick – to limit their time outdoors and to wear warm clothing and suitable footwear. It also recommends warm drinks, food, and exercise as ways to combat the cold.

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