Czech Women Still Doing All the Cleaning In EU’s Most Sexist Nation

The 2017 Eurobarometer Gender Equality Index survey reflects the persistence of traditional gender roles in the Czech Republic

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 22.11.2017 16:02:45 (updated on 22.11.2017) Reading time: 1 minute

A new Eurobarometer survey indicates that gender equality is still not achieved in EU Member States, particularly in Eastern and Central Europe.

The Czech Republic came in dead last on the Eurobarometer 2017 Gender Equality Index, released this week. The index was calculated according to a series of questions and averaged to reflect the strength or weakness of a country’s support of gender equality.

At 8.5 percent on the index Czechia came in behind Lithuania and Slovakia.

Stats that support the country’s status as non-supporter of equality issues:

  • A whopping 77 percent of Czechs said that the most important role of a woman is to take care of her home and family.
  • Seventy-two percent of Czechs said the most important role of a man is to earn money.
  • Eighty-three percent of Czechs think women are more likely to make decisions based on their emotions.
  • More than half of all Czech respondents (61 percent) see nothing wrong with the way women are represented in the media (the organizers of this annual competition might think otherwise).
  • The country is in the top 5 nations where stereotypes are formed based on gender.

The EU Commission released a statement yesterday saying that it will take aim at sexual harassment, violence against women, the gender pay gap, and work-life balance in member countries via an Action Plan that mandates paternity leave and flexible working arrangements.

Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Věra Jourová said: “Women are still under-represented in decision-making positions in politics and the business world. They still earn 16% less than men on average across the EU. And violence against women is still widespread. This is unfair and unacceptable in today’s society. The gender pay gap must be closed because the economic independence of women is their best protection against violence.”

Sweden received the highest ranking on the index.

See the full report here.

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