Czech regions warn: Time is running out for hundreds of thousands to renew their driver's license

Over 400,000 people are yet to renew their Czech driver's license, with the Transport Ministry predicting that many will not be able to do it on time.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 16.08.2023 16:36:00 (updated on 17.08.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Around 415,000 people in Czechia need to renew their driving licenses before their expiry at the end of the year, causing huge strain and long queues at vehicle registry offices nationwide, iDnes writes.

This year, a record 875,000 driving licenses, most of them valid for 10 years, will expire. Municipalities are bracing themselves for increased demand as the year goes on, and the Ministry of Transport expects that not everybody will be able to renew their driver’s license in time.

Do not leave it to the last minute

Officials are urging citizens not to procrastinate and to handle the license replacement process well in advance to avoid unnecessary queues and delays.

"The capacity of the driver's register has been fully occupied for a long time and we have not been seeing a decrease in interest during the holiday months"

Anna Dudková, spokeswoman for the city of Brno

The highest number of driving license expirations is projected for September and October, with the Central Bohemian Region facing the greatest number of replacements, followed by the South Moravian Region, and Prague. Despite these numbers, authorities believe that this year's queue situation won't be as challenging as in previous years, due to the availability of online application options.

To expedite the process, authorities recommend using the new online Transport Portal to fill out the application form, and then collecting the document in person. The possibility of applying for replacements starts three months prior to the license's expiration date. 


You may renew your driver’s license online on the state Transport Portal. You will need a Citizen Identity to log in. You may also renew the license via your data box. 

"A new driver's license will be issued free of charge if the driver applies for it 90 days before its expiration date. But generally one month before is recommended. If the applicant applies earlier than 90 days before the expiration date, the renewal is subject to a fee," says Jan Kopál, spokesperson for the municipality of Karlovy Vary.


Those who prefer to renew their licenses in person can do so at any municipality office that has extended jurisdiction. A list of all such offices can be found on the Transport Ministry’s website (displayed with a blue pin on the map).

New driving licenses will be ready within 20 days, according to the Ministry of Interior website. Users will get a text message or e-mail with a notification that the new license is ready for collection.

You can make an online reservation for Prague’s largest driver’s registry office (the Municipality of Prague Vehicle & Driver Registration, in Vyšehrad) on the website. You may also go without a reservation but may need to wait longer.

Increased digitization in the future

A noteworthy development in Czechia is the digitization of vehicle liability insurance records. A proposed law aims to digitize "green cards" (a certificate displaying the validity of compulsory insurance for a specific car) and integrate insurance company data with the Czech Office of Insurers' online records. 

INTERESTING FACT: According to information released this week by the Czech Technical Communications Administration, the total number of passenger cars registered in Prague in 2022 was just over 1 million.

This would eliminate the need to physically present insurance documents during roadside inspections. Similarly, a 2021 "digitalization package" suggests that, starting from 2025, drivers may no longer need to carry physical licenses during checks.

The surge in expiring driving licenses in 2023 has prompted a rush for replacements, causing municipalities to be flooded with applicants. While the autumn and year-end periods are expected to witness a higher demand, authorities are recommending early action to avoid long queues. Ongoing efforts to digitize documentation and streamline processes indicate a future where physical licenses might no longer be necessary for day-to-day checks.

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