Czech Railways to restore connections to neighboring countries by mid-June

Find out to and from which countries you can ride the rails this summer

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 08.06.2020 15:11:22 (updated on 08.06.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Travel across the European Union has slowly resumed, and train travel to neighboring countries is also returning to normal.

Limited train travel by the Czech national carrier České dráhy (ČD) and its international partners began operating in late May and has been returning to full service as more travel restrictions are lifted; by mid-June, the railway carrier expects to have most interstate connections with foreign partners running as normal.

Here’s a breakdown of when to expect certain train service by the Czech national carrier and its international partners to resume.


Travel between Czech Republic and Austria has completely reopened. Czech residents can travel to Austria without submitting a COVID-19 test upon return as of June 5.

Starting June 15, the Railjet Vindobona train from Prague to Vienna and Graz and the Southern Express Prague to Linz trains will resume completely.

However, the Poland to Czech Republic to Austria route will depend on when borders reopen with Poland in the future. There is no word on when this is expected at this time.

A new line will be introduced on the interstate express Vindobona route: Railjet Vindobona will run for the first time from Graz to Wien to Brno to Prague to Dresden to Berlin, starting on June 16.


The borders between Slovakia and Czech Republic have been completely opened. Both governments have allowed for free movement between the countries as of June 4.

České dráhy (ČD) resumed train service between the countries on June 8 with a few trains. Starting Tuesday, June , all daily long-distance trains between the countries will resume, including the Metropolitan, Valašský expres, Ostravan, Fatra and SC trains.

Nighttime connections and the Railjet 284/285 Metropolitan Slovenská strela train have not resumed; České dráhy does not have an estimate for the return at this time.

International trains that run between Budapest and Czech Republic will stop at Nové Zámky.



České dráhy (ČD) has several trains running to Germany, some of which are operational right now.

The Berliner Prague to Berlin line partially resumed service on May 25 with three trains. However, by June 14, the Berliner line operating from Prague to Berlin to Hamburg/Kiel will be completely operational, in addition to the Cheb to Nuremberg route. The EC 172/173 Hungaria trains will not be fully functioning.

In addition, the Ex6 West Express train from Prague to Munich will resume service on June 15; current construction on a section of the line from Prague to Pilsen will push the full resumption of regular service to July, once work on the line has been completed.

Poland and Hungary

České dráhy (ČD) has not resumed rail service to these countries as of publication date. The company is waiting on word from their partners for a date to resume service.

Ticket sales to these above countries has slowly resumed. Over the next week, České dráhy will begin selling tickets for these trains. In addition, services aboard the trains, like restaurant cars and the transport of bicycles, will resume as well.

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