Czech Republic resumes online population census after technical error

The online version of the Czech Republic's 2021 population census is now functioning after a technical error in the online form was resolved


Written by ČTK Published on 28.03.2021 09:36:00 (updated on 28.03.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech Statistical Office resumed the online population census of the Czech Republic on Saturday evening, the Office stated in a press release. People can again start filling in the forms online.

The electronic system collapsed on Saturday morning due to an error in the module for submitting addresses; consequently, the database servers were overloaded.

The census was officially launched on Saturday morning and will run through May 11.

Until the collapse, statisticians received thousands of filled-in census forms.

During the first two weeks of the census, until April 9, online forms can be filled on the census website or via the Sčítání21 mobile app.

Those who do not submit a census online will be able to fill in paper forms between April 17 and May 11. They can be picked up in post offices, and Statistical Office field workers will deliver them directly to homes.

Opposition politicians criticized the collapse of the online version of the population census, saying the government is responsible for it.

They referenced previous problems with the online system for the sale of electronic motorway vignettes, and with the January launch of the online registration for vaccination against Covid-19.

IT experts were also critical of the census system failure.

Foreigners living in the Czech Republic are also required to complete the 2021 census. See our article here for information on how to do so.

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