Czech news in brief for December 10: Sunday's top headlines

Czech public underestimates wage gap, tree planted for Olga Havlová in Bratislava, and more weekend headlines. Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 10.12.2023 08:30:00 (updated on 10.12.2023) Reading time: 5 minutes

Sports Czech women's floorball team takes bronze medal at World Cup

Czech women's floorball players clinched the bronze medal at the World Championships in Singapore today by defeating Switzerland 5-4. This victory marks their second-ever medal, following the bronze in 2011, and ends a streak of five fourth-place finishes.

Vanessa Rebecca Keprtová played a crucial role for the Czech team, contributing two goals. The team secured the lead in the 58th minute, with Isabelle Gerig scoring a late goal for Switzerland. The loss breaks Switzerland's 12-year streak of winning a medal at the World Championships.

Fire Prague's Vraných estate suffers damages in fire

A nighttime fire originating from the kitchen has damaged the heritage-protected Vraných estate in Old Bohnice, Prague 8, where the Bohnice Community Center operates. The fire resulted in approximately CZK one million in damages, and the cause is under investigation.

Professional and volunteer fire crews responded shortly after 1 a.m., working to extinguish the blaze that destroyed the kitchen and caused smoke damage to the walls and ceiling in various rooms. The Vraných estate, built in the 18th century in peasant baroque style, is part of the Stará Bohnice village monument zone and serves as a cultural and community space.

Travel New railway timetable goes into effect across Czechia

Today marks the commencement of the new railway timetable in the Czech Republic, which also includes a 9.5 percent increase in ticket prices for Czech Railways. Passengers can anticipate the gradual introduction of more modern trains for regional transport, with RegioFox 847 motor trains hitting the rails in Prague and Central Bohemia at the beginning of the year.

Czech Railways will also deploy the new electric RegioPantery 640 in the Olomouc, Moravian-Silesian, and South Bohemian regions. The new timetable includes additional connections to Poland, Austria, and Slovakia, along with direct night connections to Zurich, Krakow, Warsaw, northern and eastern Slovakia, Bratislava, and Budapest.

RIP Prague concert bids farewell to Schwarzenberg

In a poignant tribute to Karel Schwarzenberg, a farewell event titled Karel Lives On was held at Prague's Lucerna Music Bar on Saturday evening, and included an unexpected performance by his daughter, Anna Karolína, affectionately known as Lila. The event featured a relaxed atmosphere with Miroslav Kalousek sharing humorous stories, emphasizing Schwarzenberg's principled politics.

The musical program, infused with a "punk character," showcased performances by Foukal & Romanutti, Eva Turnová, Lucia Piussi, and special guests James Harries and Dan Bárta. Attendees celebrated Schwarzenberg's life, emphasizing his love for communities with unique opinions.

Weather Authorities warn of icy roads across Czechia

Road officials in South Moravia have issued warnings about icy conditions on small roads, leading to delays in public transport. Snow showers have been reported across most of eastern Bohemia, and snowdrifts are forming in some areas. North Bohemia saw several centimeters of snow overnight, resulting in potential hazards on the roads.

In the Olomouc region, slush or remnants of snow are present after the night's snowfall, requiring cautious driving. Slippery conditions are reported on the D1 and D35 highways. Road workers advise increased caution and vigilance on the roads due to winter weather conditions.

Economy Survey: Czech public underestimates wage gap

A recent survey conducted by the Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs reveals that the Czech public underestimates the wealth gap in the country. Respondents perceived the richest 20 percent to own less than half of the total property in the country, while the reality is that they own more than 80 percent.

The study also found that ministers' ideal income, according to public opinion, should be about two-fifths of their current earnings. The survey, involving 1,080 participants, showed that people significantly underestimate property inequality, and similar trends were observed in other countries. The study also indicated a preference for reducing income inequality.

Language Slavic Institute unveils largest online Czech-Russian dictionary

The Slavic Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences has launched the Great Czech-Russian Dictionary online, marking the most extensive translation dictionary in Czechia. With a remarkable 129,000 entries, this digital edition is a culmination of the institute's work from the 1970s to the early 1990s.

Offering a comprehensive vocabulary, including idioms and encyclopedic entries featuring names of personalities, geographical locations, Latin quotations, and abbreviations, it stands as a unique linguistic resource. While the vast size precluded a thorough revision, the dictionary provides valuable insights into the political, social, and everyday life of the last century. The authors plan to add modern vocabulary appendices in the future.

Anniversary Tree planted for Olga Havlová in Bratislava

A symbolic tribute to the late Olga Havlová took place in Bratislava, with representatives from the Slovak Presidential Office, Bratislava City Hall, and the Committee of Goodwill - Olga Havlová Foundation planting a tree near the Government Office.

This event, coinciding with the 90th birth anniversary of Olga Havlová (1933-1996), commemorates her as the First Lady of both Czechs and Slovaks. This tree planting marks the sixth tree dedicated to her, emphasizing the warm relationship she had with Slovaks during her tenure as the wife of Václav Havel, the first Czechoslovak and Czech president.

Work Compensation for remote work set at CZK 4.50 per hour

Starting January, individuals working from home in the Czech Republic may be eligible for compensation of CZK 4.50 for each hour of work initiated, according to a draft decree by the Ministry of Labour. The flat-rate compensation aims to cover costs related to gas, electricity, heat, water, and waste.

This follows an amendment to the Labor Code introduced this year, outlining rules for providing employees with a flat rate for remote work. The proposed CZK 4.50 rate is calculated based on data from the Statistical Office regarding household consumption. Employers can offer higher compensation, but state entities are exempt. The flat rate is to be adjusted if baseline costs deviate by at least 20 percent.

Traffic Czech drivers flood police email with dashcam footage

In a surge of well-intentioned but misguided efforts, Czech drivers are bombarding the central police email with dashcam footage capturing instances of serious behavior on the roads. Director of the traffic police, Jiří Zlý, emphasized the incorrectness of this approach, clarifying that the proper procedure is to immediately call the emergency line 158 when witnessing such incidents.

Zlý explained that videos sent later via email automatically position the sender as a police contactable witness, adding unnecessary administrative work for the force. He urged citizens to reserve the central email for non-urgent matters, highlighting the importance of real-time reporting for immediate police response.

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