Czech gun amnesty allowing for surrender of illegal firearms now in effect

Illegally held firearms can be turned into Czech police from now through July 2021, no questions asked.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 30.01.2021 13:03:00 (updated on 31.01.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

Illegally-held firearms can be turned into Czech police without fear of repercussions as part of a new amendment to the Czech Weapons Act that takes effect today.

The amendment also updates the process for destroying damaged and non-functional weapons, easing requirements on owners in an effort to ensure these weapons don't end up on the black market.

From today through July 31, illegally-held guns or other weaponry may be handed over to police, no questions asked. Czech Police shared an amusing promo video featuring a man turning in a Soviet-era tank.

"We are giving people who, for some reason, own an illegal weapon, the opportunity to surrender it with impunity or to legalize its possession," Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamáček told reporters.

"During these amnesties, people regularly return thousands of weapons."

The last such amnesty occurred five years ago. According to Hamáček, people turned over weaponry dating back to World War II and the later Soviet occupation.

As an alternative to turning guns over to police, the amnesty also allows holders to legally register their weapons. A valid gun license, along with proof that the weapon wasn't stolen or used to commit a crime, is required to do so.

In addition to the amnesty on turning over illegally-held weapons, the new amendment also simplifies rules for destroying damaged or non-functional weapons, at the expense of the state.

Previously, owners had to dispose of these weapons themselves through a private company, and pay an administrative fee of around 1000 crowns.

"We motivate people not to allow their damaged weapons to end up on the black market," Hamáček said.

"From now, defunct weapons will be easily destroyed by the state, free of charge."

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