Fall 2012 Fashion Inspiration

Czech fashion boutiques in Prague's Old Town

Joann Plockova

Written by Joann Plockova Published on 24.09.2012 10:24:08 (updated on 24.09.2012) Reading time: 6 minutes

It’s that time of year when we switch out our sandals for boots, our sleeveless tops for sweaters, and go on a hunt for that perfect fall coat. Yes, it’s fall fashion season and inspiration is abound with a host of autumn fashion events swirling around the city (Designblok Premier Fashion Week is just around the corner) and an ever-expanding list of design boutiques offering Czech fashions. No, it’s no longer a requirement to head over to Paris or Milan or settle for mass fashion. Prague has its own offerings of original, high-quality designs. After hitting the streets to do a little window shopping, I compiled a list of some of the city’s top shops for fall fashion inspiration.

1. Klára Nademlýnská
With a distinctive, feminine style that’s made classic through exceptional tailoring and materials, Klára Nademlýnská is on everyone’s list. A graduate of Prague’s Secondary School of Fashion and Manufacture who learned the tools of her trade in Paris as a pattern cutter and designer, Nademlýnská launched her line along with her boutique on Prague’s Dlouhá street in 1998. On the day of my visit, the shopkeeper told me that the Fall/Winter 2012 collection was “new in the shop this week”. Called “Eternal Pieces”, the line includes Nademlýnská’s signature flowing, feminine shapes – from billowy shirts to well-shaped dresses – that reveal an attention to detail (including her signature one or two stripes of a different material), strong materials, and not being afraid to play with patterns. Klára Nademlýnská is not for everyone’s budget, but one piece will add an exceptional lift to anyone’s fall wardrobe. The label will introduce its first haute couture collection at this year’s Designblok.

2. Timoure Et Group (TEG)
Right around the corner from Klára’s shop, Timoure Et Group (TEG) is the brand of Alexandra Pavalová and Ivana Šafránková. Defined on their website as representing “a clear style, quality design, and precise workmanship”, the brand’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection combines classic pieces and neutral colors with stripes, patterns, plaids, bolder colors, unique cuts, and interesting details. In other words, the collection gives you a base to start with and some pieces to play with. There’s a dark green sweater with a series of buttons running on a diagonal down the upper left side, paired with a short black and white geometric patterned skirt. The collection also includes a classic little black dress and a red one that dips just slightly below the neck at the back and gathers together at the waste, slightly off center, at the front. TEG has a second shop on Martinská street. Established in 1992, the brand will celebrate its 20 years at Designblok with a birthday fashion show.

Fall 2012 Fashion Inspiration

3. Boheme
Boheme, along with the above two boutiques and five others, falls under a new association – the Czech Fashion Centre – which promotes these eight Czech fashion labels, which share the same neighborhood and an emphasis on original, high-quality design. Located one block over from TEG on Dušní, Boheme offers what felt to me the most fall-like collection, with plush sweaters, turtlenecks, beiges, and browns. The brand’s offerings are more practical and basic, in comparison to some of the other high-end shops, but its style is still distinctive, perhaps even more so because of its simplicity. Boheme’s chief designer and co-founder Hana Stocklassa began the brand in Gothenberg, Sweden (where she studied after completing her master’s at Prague’s VŠUP) before opening her shop in Prague in 2002.


4. Hard de Core
Founded in 2006 by designer Josefina Bakošová, Hard de core continues to be one of Prague’s most well-designed shops. Carrying a variety of contemporary design items, the boutique’s fashion offerings include pieces by Muset (by Radana and Pavel Ivančic, the later of who will present his first men’s collection at Designblok), Mayda, Zdenka Imreczeová (winner of the Designblok 2011 Editor-in-chief award for her “La Defence” collection) and the No. brand by Fashion Designer of the Year 2010, Hana Zárubová, who will present her new collection at Designblok. The largest part of the shop’s fashion items is dedicated to the owner’s own brand, Chi Chi (Hard de Core is the only shop carrying the label). With a color palette of black, white, and a variety of steel grey blues, the brand stands out for its unique cuts. Chi Chi’s jackets are, in my mind, the brand’s signature. With many featuring high collars, puffed shoulders, and form-fitting waists with quarter-length bodies, they almost look like dresses. Inside one, you’ll certainly look cool this fall, while simultaneously keeping the cool temperatures out. Chi Chi will be present at Designblok, introducing the brand’s new collection – “Laně a vlcl” – in an exhibition.


5. Pour Pour
Beginning in 2004 with its first shop in the city center, Pour Pour now houses its Czech fashion good offerings all under one roof at its sole Vinohradská location – opened in 2007. Carrying bags, jewelry, and other fashion accessories, the shop offers a hodgepodge of clothing items from Czech labels including Sweet 666 Design, Zuzana Veselá, No., YaxiTaxi, and Ragwear – a street wear brand that began in Germany, but has been based in Prague for several years. The majority of the brands – offering mainly street wear and club wear – are definitely geared toward a younger clientele, but most ages can certainly find a unique piece to add to their wardrobe. During my visit, the shopkeeper told me that more fall fashion would be arriving in October.

Fall 2012 Fashion Inspiration

Three other shops worth mentioning that have similar offerings to Pour Pour: Parazit, Julius, and Laary Faary.

6. Leeda
Leeda is a label that truly stands on its own. The brainchild of designers Lucie Trnková and Lucie Kutálková, the brand produces pieces that can be both sophisticated and funky, and distinguishes itself further by cooperating with designers, architects, photographers, filmmakers, and musicians. This summer, British actress Tilda Swinton, who is known for her unique sense of style, purchased six pieces from the brand. At the time of my visit, the shopkeeper told me that a portion of the pieces were from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection (they don’t introduce the entire collection into the shop all at once). What stood out were a few black pieces –a dress, a shirt – that incorporated a transparent, mesh-like material. In general, several of the pieces from the collection had the feel of clothing that was almost not there, accomplished through the material or the way the pieces are loosely sewn together. At Designblok, the shoe brand, Novesta, will introduce new Wellington boots designed by Leeda.

Fall 2012 Fashion Inspiration

Designblok 2012 (October 1-7) – Premier Fashion Week
As mentioned, many of the above designers and labels will be featured at this year’s Designblok. Fashion has become such an integral part of this annual event that, for the first time, the Designblok subheading has been designated not just design week, but “Design and Fashion Week”. Premier Fashion Week will present collections by both established Czech designers and emerging ones in the form of fashion shows and thoughtfully curated exhibitions. Outside of the Church of St. Simon and St. Jude (where all the fashion shows will take place) and the event’s “Openstudio” at Šporovksý palác and its “Superstudio” at Clam-Gallasův palác (where exhibitions will be featured) Designblok’s Premier Fashion Week will also see presentations in boutiques and galleries throughout the city. Forty-three fashion brands are set to participate, providing an opportunity for fall fashion inspiration all under the umbrella of one event.

Do you have any tips for fall fashion inspiration in Prague? Who are your favorite Czech fashion designers? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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