Czech circus troupe to put on Prague show starring Ukrainian refugees

Cirk La Putyka and Jatka78 will stage a show on March 22 that showcases the talents of Ukrainian refugees from troupes in Kyiv.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 19.03.2022 15:39:00 (updated on 20.03.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Among the estimated 270,000 refugees that have fled Ukraine for the Czech Republic over the past three weeks, there are around 20 students from Kyiv's Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts.

Those students have taken up residence with the Young Bloods from Prague-based circus troupe Cirk La Putyka, a group of young acrobats who were in the midst of preparations for their newest performance, titled BOOM and set to premiere in Prague later this year.

On March 22, Cirk La Putyka, in cooperation with theater Jatka78, will put on a unique one-off show that combines the talents of the young Prague acrobats with the Ukrainian performers they have come to know over the past weeks.

Titled BOOM vol. 1, the new performance showcases changes that have taken place within the company. BOOM was originally focused on the experiences of young adults in the modern world, but the war in Ukraine, and the troupe's first-hand experience in working with those who have been directly affected by the events, have added a new perspective.

"The world has stopped for us, and we have started thinking about how we can help. As a result, twenty Kyiv students are currently staying with us," explains Rostislav Novák Jr., director of BOOM.

"They live with us, they train with us, we take care of them and we enrich each other. Our research of the young generation has thus been granted a completely new dimension."

BOOM vol. 1 will be staged at the Jatka78 theater in Holešovice's Prague Market on Tuesday, March 22. Tickets for the show are now available on GoOut, and start at 780 crowns, with all proceeds going to support the stay of the Ukrainian students in Prague.

Tuesday's eighty-minute performance is appropriate for ages six and up, and will be followed by a discussion in Czech and Ukrainian about recent events and the experiences of the Ukrainian students.

If you can't make it to the show, but would like to support the Ukrainian circus students in Prague, you can also donate to them them through the Darujme platform.

"We are learning to talk. We learn to live together. We try to understand each other. We look at each other and we just think of a lot of things. We've come to know each other without the help of technology," adds Novák.

"Come and see how we met what we experienced on both sides. The Czech Republic and Ukraine connected by circus art. Young circus generations connected by one stage, one event, one moment. Time has led us to this meeting. Be with us.”

More information about the show can be found at the official websites of Cirk La Putyka and Jatka78.

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